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Friday’s Letters

Dear Pool Party, I can’t wait for you tomorrow! It’s going to be HAWT. I love free food and booze, along with QT with the girls.

Dear stress, you’re making me break out. WTF!

Dear Dad, you make me so sad when you ask me things like “are you praying for me?” and “I want you and your sister to find good men”.

Dear KP, our convos make me smile. Love your face.

Dear bosses, HURRY THE EFF UP!!!! I’ve been waiting THREE months for this talk. Lets do this already!

Dear Sig Nails, I’ll see you in a few!

Dear Sunday, I am SO excited for you!! Mostly because I am getting furniture and taking pictures with my sister to frame for my dad, but also because B is getting his teeth cleaned.

Dear B, please try not to look so out-of-it and pathetic when I pick you up from your dental cleaning. I know they have to put you under, and I am so sorry. Also sorry they have to shave your little paw. I know you hate them being touched. When I pick you up I will let you kiss my face as much as you want though!

Dear boy, Can we puh-lease do cupcakes and champagne already!?

Dear intern, If you’ve never seen any of us wear jeans to work, you probably shouldn’t either. Also, you might want to make it to work on time daily. When you can’t, you should call, and not FORTY minutes AFTER you’re supposed to be here. Just. Sayin. If you think I don’t like you, you’re right! I would have already fired you. True. Story!

Cancer: an update

I talked to my dad on the phone tonight, with my sister. He went for a chemo treatment 2 weeks ago and they did a blood count. It was too low for chemo. Today when he went back it was still too low which means radiation is not an option. Basically his immune system is too low to handle treatments. The cancer is small cell which spreads rapidly and it’s all over his spine. The doctor said there’s not really anything to be done..


I was going to post about this lovely mascara that is TDF, but when I went to Benefit’s website, I realized that there are a few other products i have purchased that are also TDF.

#1 They’re Real $22.00

This mascara beats any mascara I’ve ever tried. Hands down. I’ve tried every mascara under the sun. MAC, Dior, Maybelline, Clinique, Revlon, etc. and none compare to this one. What ever magic they have, they put in this bottle. My lashes are noticeably thicker and longer. Run get this!

#2 They’re Real mini $10.00

If you don’t want to spend $22 on a mascara you think you might not like, I suggest buying the mini version at half the price. Win win!

#3 Dallas blush $28.00

I purchased this last spring and although I love NARS’ Orgasm, this blush gives you that ‘just been sun kissed’ glow. It is one of my summer favorites.

#4 Erase Paste $26.00

You can also buy this in a mini version for around $10. It is the best eye brightening concealer I’ve used. Personally I think it beats any of MAC’s concealers. Anyone that knows me knows I am big on MAC, so for me to say that, you know it’s good stuff! I also like boi-ing by Benefit. I am waiting to use up my MAC concealer before purchasing it. It covers zits like no other and doesn’t look like you have piled makeup on.

#5 Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow $19.00

I also purchased this last spring in the color RSVP. It’s a light shimmery pink that looks great if you don’t want a lot of color. This looks gorg with the sun kissed look.

While browsing Benefit’s products online, I came across some of their “champion” products. I havent used any of the products in the first two pictures, so if you have please let me know if you like them or not! Take a look..


Those of you that followed my other blog {that I no longer use} know that my sister and I are not close with our dad. My parents separated when I was in second grade. My dad let his temper get out of control one night, and to make a long story short, his actions are what caused the divorce.

I will say that my dad is number 9 of 10 kids. His father died when he was little and from what I’ve been told, his mother would beat them. I do remember being scared of her when she came to visit. She was mean. I do think that how you are raised helps mold you into who you become as an adult. However, I think that based off your surroundings, you can decide if you like who you are or not. Hopefully that makes sense.

In August of 2011 my sister and I found out my dad had lung cancer. To be honest it wasn’t much of a surprise, he has smoked since he was at least 15. It was in his left lung. He went through radiation therapy and chemo treatments.

Around Christmas based off his behavior we thought he was dying. He asked us to spend the night with him, something that hadn’t been asked or discussed since we were very young. Not only was he weak, he was very frail. I’ve always heard that dogs can sense things like death, and my dog was attached to my dad. Very unusual for him because he has only been around my dad a handful of times and never showed interest towards him.


After Christmas my sister and I mentally prepared ourselves {as much as we could} for his death. I talked to him about making a will and stressed the importance of it. I’m not sure of the timing, but after the new year we learned that he was in remission and doing well. We had built a small foundation with him and there were little glimpses of him being the father I always wanted.

My dad is horrible at communication. If you do not call him, he won’t call you. With that said, since he was never a doting father, we rarely talked. A good two months went by without talking to him. I partly avoided it, but I was also focused on a few other things.

On Father’s Day I called him to make sure he got our card. He told me that his lung cancer was back. It’s in the same lung, different spot. Again, not too surprising to me because he was smoking at Christmas.

He called me yesterday and told me more bad news. When he had cancer the first time he complained of his back hurting badly. We urged him to get it checked out on several occasions. When I talked to him yesterday he told me that he has spinal cancer. It’s on his spine and not spinal cord, otherwise he would be paralyzed. He also apparently has gallstones. The hits just keep coming.

He talked with me about going to church, my sister and I both finding a good man, work, etc. I hate that so many years have gone by and he’s never been a father until now. That’s probably stretching it, but he is trying.

I’m not really sure how I feel about all of it. It makes me sad, but a part of me …I’m not going to say that I don’t care, because I do… I’m not even sure how to word how I feel. It’s very difficult.

That’s all I know for now…

Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I am SO happy to see you!

Dear pool, I will see you on Saturday, possibly Sunday too. Bring. It. On.

Dear Ivy, thank you for having bottomless mimosas on Sundays until 5PM. GENIUS idea!

Dear Bentley, You look like a handsome boy with your summer cut! Thank you for not hating me when I made you get shots AND a hair cut this week. I love when you cuddle up with me on the couch and allll night during the night like a wittle baby when you get a hair cut.

Dear dude in PetSmart, I would have totally stolen your 7 week old Yorkie if you would have let me hold him. So glad I didn’t ask. Silver bracelets on both wrists aren’t really my thing.

Dear Sara, thank you for always making me laugh!!!


Dear G, I’m so happy you moved closer! I love having über cool girl friends to hang out with.

Dear J. Crew, thank you for having this awesome leopard print scarf. I have been looking for one for a long time.


Dear guy in China, thank you for selling this necklace for $15 when the same one is at J. Crew for $150! Can’t wait to wear it, especially to football games!


Dear God, as always, please bring me my husband. Or, at least help me have more patience while he walks..from Africa. 🙂


On Tuesday of last week I knew I was getting sick. After work I stocked up on some meds praying they would help. Wednesday when I woke up I felt horrible! Another sinus infection, go figure. I was out of work the rest of the week trying to rest my body.

Friday as I was lying in bed scrolling through tweets, I saw Dayna and Sarah asking about places to go in Atlanta. Since I’ve lived here for 8 years I thought I would suggest some. I ended up suggesting a ton and the girls asked me to meet up with them.

My boss called me into work on Friday, so I figured I’d go home, spray tan and attempt to make myself feel better by actually putting on makeup and real clothes.

We went to Blue Moon Pizza and it was fantastic!


After that I took them around to a few local bars and somehow when I left to pick up with a friend, I lost them. Sad! I was feeling so bad all day Saturday that I didn’t get to meet up with them at the Braves game. Being around smoke + sinus infection = not breathing properly. Ugh.

They are coming back soon though! 😉


New hair

The last time I had my hair done I wasn’t happy with it. To me it looked like a very gold blonde. I hated it so much I went back to my friend to have her put toner on it. Afterwards I still wasn’t happy so I began asking around. The one thing about living in the A is that hair stylists aren’t cheap. My goal was to find someone that was close to me and that wasn’t going to break the bank.

I made an appointment with Stacy and Josh at Shearious by the recommendation of a friend. I was a little nervous because I am anal about my hair. I absolutely loved them! Stacy did heavy foils on and was so sweet. Josh cut my hair and kept me laughing the entire time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Josh is such a perfectionist, which I love. He wouldn’t let me leave without my hair looking perfect.

I wasn’t planning on cutting my hair but after talking to Josh I decided that I’d let him cut me a bob. I fell in love with it! I’ve also had a ton of compliments on it, even from guys, so you know it looks good!! If you’re looking for a new place to go or want to switch it up, you should check them out! Just don’t make it difficult for me to get an appointment!

I can’t wait to see them again. We all hugged it out at the end too!






Single Life

Those of you that followed my older blogs know that I’ve been single for a few months. Basically I’ve just been focusing on me and having fun with my girlfriends..a lot. Witness:

Boating with La La

Me, G and La La

Meeting new people

Hanging with my bar owner friend

QT with my sis

Girl time with Sara after being gone a month

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have been watching this season of The Bachelorette. I love Emily and wish the best for her. I was so excited to see there was a GA boy on the show. Even more excited when I learned my ex played college football with him. Since my ex and I are still good friends, I told him he had to let me meet him if it was possible.

I was getting my hair done (more on that later) when he text me saying Ryan was in town. Que squeal. Long story short, I met him! If you live under a rock have no clue who I’m talking about, see below.




Emily and Ryan

So, here is the pic that he asked my friend to take. I didn’t talk to him a whole lot bc I let the guys catch up. Side note: the floor became wet from the rain. I had been dancing my booty off for most of the night and was in good shape. I totally busted my ass, standing still. Who does that!!! ME! I bit it, hard! From what my friend tells me, Ryan came over to see if I was okay. At that point my ex said something to him about getting a picture with me. Worlds greatest ex, right there!

Me and incognito Ryan 🙂

I am currently waiting on my hip/thigh area to bruise. Right now it’s swollen and sore to lay on! Here is a pic of my elbow and knee. Geeeezzz!



One question I keep getting is, “what was he like?” He was very nice! Not cocky, arrogant or weird like some people thought. Keep in mind that the show is edited to be a show. Otherwise it would be 25 of the same boring guys.

Even Michelle Money thinks so.


My favorite comment was prob my bestie Ashley’s. “Dude how does this shit always happen to you? You’re one of the luckiest bitches I know!” LOL

Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I am SO happy to see your face!

Dear Subway cookies, why are you so yummy?

Dear Jillian Michaels, I love you and hate you at the same time. Thank you for making tough workouts with quick results.

Dear bank account, I love when you fill yourself up. Please do it more often.

Dear Express, thank you for having an amazing sale. I went in for a pair of shorts and walked out with a makeup bag, shorts, 4 tank tops and one shirt.

Dear Limited, sorry but you lose this round. It’s rare I go to Express but I wasn’t even tempted by you.

Dear Limited, Boo on you for not having a large in the belt I want. I wanted to wear it around my hips. The small AND medium I ORDERED didn’t work.

Dear Tobi, thank you for not emailing me this week with items I “needed”.

Dear stomach, I LOVE when you feel skinny. Like what’s her face said, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Dear girl friends, I’m excited to spend QT with you this weekend!

Dear new hair people, please don’t F up my hair. You’re much closer in location than the other place I used and I need you to make me look GEWD for this upcoming week!

Dear God, thank you for every experience. Good and bad I always take something from it. Also, thanks for giving me motivation.

Dear guy friend, thank you for noticing and telling me you noticed I’ve slimmed down. I love your face off.

Dear Bentley, I love your face off too! You are so weird when you eat and it cracks me up. Must film for blog. Please don’t hate me on Sunday when I take you to get your shots.

Eating Clean + Playlist

Lately I’ve been on a work out kick. Probably due to the fact that I gained about 5lbs from being on the devil’s drug prednisone. Through Pinterest I came across a husband and wife blog that lives here in Atlanta that is based on eating clean. Not only do they post about working out, but they also post tips and recipes. Like this yummy one.

A few days ago I saw a post of a shredmill workout for your butt and thighs along with a playlist. It’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the shredmill that kicks your metabolism into high gear and is the ultimate fat burner. Check it out. I haven’t tried the workout yet, but the playlist is awesome!

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (4:05 min)
Tik Tok – Ke$ha (3:19 min)
Check It Out – Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj (4:10 min)
I Like It – Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull (3:51 min)
Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida featuring David Guetta (3:53 min)
Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus (3:22 min)
Only Girl (in the World) – Rihanna (3:55 min)
Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes (3:51 min)
Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO (3:19 min)
Payphone – Maroon5 (3:51 min)

Friday’s Letters

Today I’m linking up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday’s Letters.

Dear pizza – I had you last Friday and twice on Saturday. For some reason I have craved you all week. Tonight you will be mine!

Dear friend of guy friend – the fact that you put cialis in his drink was hilarious. If you were my friend and ever did anything like that to me, I would kill you.

Dear sleep – why can’t I get enough of you?

Dear God – please forgive me for always falling asleep while saying my prayers. I mean well but I’m so ADD I usually doze off.

Dear bank account – I would seriously appreciate it if you could auto fill yourself up daily.

Dear weekend – I am so excited to see your face!

Dear bar owner friend – thank you for all the free drinks!

Dear sister – I am excited to see you! Really wished you lived here. Too bad you can’t stay longer.

Dear friend with connections – puh lease help me!

Beauty Tip: Bold Eye Or Lip

Want to be balanced when it comes to your morning makeup? Dramatic eyes and dramatic lips at the same time is a whole lot to focus on, especially by those you communicate with! Find balance by deciding what you are going to do more of that day.  

Your eyes should be the focus and more dramatic keeping peoples attention as they talk to you and see that you are listening! Don’t confuse them with a bold lip. When they look down it can break up the conversation. Just make sure you have brighter, more beautiful lips that are more powerful than the eyes. Eyes should be toned down with a clean base, soft contour, little liner and mascara! via