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Fundraising for the Breast Cancer 3 Day in Athens!



While perusing Pinterest I came across a nature board. I was blown away with the images.






































Absolutely incredible!

Friday Funnies

whenever the owners of this house with a pool came home, they found puddles of water near their pool. They believed the neighbors kids waited until they went out, to use the pool….so they installed a camera and this is what they saw….










PicMonkey Collage

Def my dog. Loves sweets!


For Christmas I was trying to figure out what to make for my friends. I knew I was making an assortment of cookies, but I wanted something else. Naturally I turned to Pinterest to figure out what to make. I finally decided on making coasters after pinning this. I ran into a little problem though. Since it was Christmas time, Hobby Lobby was out of the color stamp pad that I wanted, and I went to 6 different stores to try and find stamps that were big enough. Finally I turned to Amazon and just ordered them. After Christmas passed I wasn’t really interested in them anymore. A few weeks ago I decided to finally make them. They turned out so well!! The guys in my office actually want some!






Effing Disney

Why is it that we, either as women or our generation, seem to be so eager to fall in love?

Some times I look back at all the men I said I love you to, and I think, “did I really?”. Perhaps it’s my ability to forget the past? As in, when someone is out of my life, I generally tend to forget about them. Think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, if you will. I can easily do it with women, but have a little more difficulty when it comes to men. I have been trying to pinpoint something in my life that has made me this way, and yet I can’t seem to come up with anything. I don’t think it’s because my parents separated when I was little – we left him! I honestly have no idea what it is about me that makes it so easy for me to “move on”. I put that in quotes because even if I haven’t fully moved on, I still think about that person from time to time. Never usually contact that person though. Is it just a strong will? I think maybe it’s because I am very black and white on my views? Either way, I feel like it’s something I need to work on.


I think maybe we are so eager to be in love because of Disney. Ha! Kind of serious about that though. At the end of every Disney story, the guy and girl end up together and live happily ever after. We are taught that’s how it is.

Is love “like that” even real? Yes I did question that. Actually while I was talking to my bestie, she asked that. I know exactly where she’s coming from though, and I believe it is. Like I’ve stated before, my other bestie’s parents met and 2 weeks later they were married. 30 something years later, they are still married and more in love than ever. So, yes, I think that it can happen. All these people can’t just be making it up, right?

I know that it takes time. I do. If you think about it, it’s actually super hard to meet The One. You may love their personality but you may not have the same beliefs. Or you could have the same beliefs but not communicate well. You may have everything on the same level that meshes well together, but not priorities in life. It literally takes a perfect blend to be able to make it, I think.


As a side note – or random note – I was having a conversation with some friends at a bar a few weeks ago. One of the guys said, “You don’t have sex with someone because of their looks. You have sex with someone because of their brain”. One of my friends disagreed with that statement. I however, totally agree. Sure you may initially have sex with someone because of their looks. But, their good looks aren’t going to keep you. Looks fade anyway. If they are bad in bed – which is all brain work – then you’ll leave. It’s so true! You keep dating someone because of their brain. Crazy that I’ve never thought about it like that before.

Ohhhh Atlanta, why do you have to be so Russian Rouletteish when it comes to men? #fail

Such a deep post for a Friday night. Oopsies!



me (left) and my bestie – 2005! I miss that body haha


Some of my favorite lyrics..



a wide heart



one of the reasons I will always have a place for DMB in my heart. Such sweet/sexy lyrics.



how many times have I wanted to say this?


cause perfect, didnt feel so perfect




Call your girlfriend (how crazy talented are they?!)



and all the roads we have to walk are winding, and all the lights that lead us there are blinding



have you ever had a talk with someone and you knew where it was headed before they opened their mouth? BTW forgot how much I loved ND back in the day till I watched this video again.



Off in the night while you live it up, I’m off to sleep..



always looking down at all I see



story of my life.



I’ll never love again

Buckhead Starbucks Serving Wine


Say what?! Two of my favorite things in one place? Yep! While flipping through Simply Buckhead I came across an article that said exactly that! The West Paces Ferry location is one of the first stores worldwide to offer a new “Evenings” menu. The menu consists of gourmet bites and alcoholic drinks. They say it was chosen because of its location and flexible seating options that accommodate larger groups.

I can see why they picked that location. If you don’t know much about Atlanta, West Paces Ferry is where all of the high-end real estate is located. It’s even home to the Governor’s Mansion.


Sugar Gel Hair Removal?

I came across an ad for sugar gel hair removal in Simply Buckhead magazine while picking up cupcakes for a friend. The sugar gel hair removal part caught my eye.. Check out their website, they even have a cute little Buckhead theme song! “The Beverly Hills of the East”.


Unique Threading & Body Waxing is the only place in Atlanta to offer sugar gel hair removal. It’s a form of hair removal that is similar to waxing, but its much more gentle and less painful (so they say) to endure, and it also requires a higher level of skill to perform. They offer a Brazilian wax at $30 and eyebrow threading at $8.

Specializing In:

  • Eyebrow threading
  • Brazilian body waxing
  • Herbal facials
  • Henna tattoos
  • Sugar gel waxing

Check out their website for more info.


Apparently I talk a lot about wanting to find The One. Even to people I hardly know.. Yesterday, this was delivered to my office.


along with this super sweet card..


Day. Made.

Off to go get my 2nd treatement for tattoo removal. Say a prayer!

Friday Funnies

A day early due to Vday..

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Pole Dancing

Have you seen this?! Amazing!!! First of all, its not easy to stay on the pole, let alone stay on it for as long as she did while doing all the things she did. Crazy!!!




After being deathly ill sick, I don’t really have any Friday Funnies this week. So, let’s just talk about how amazing Beyonce was at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

First of all, did you watch it?! Bey has some insane dance moves. Girl was werking. it. She worked it so hard, I found an article on Bleacher Report that ranked her #3 in the top 5 for best SBHS.

Here is a list of top 13 best moments from the SBHS that E! made. Did anyone else just die over her outfit? I loved it! I can haz one? People even said that it more than lived up to all the hype. Wow. Of course, there are always the haters. Haters gonna hate..

Here are some pictures if you missed it. via My personal favorites were when she pointed to her ring (pic below), and obviously when DC came out. So excited about that!


Super Bowl Football 2

Super Bowl Football 4 Super Bowl Football 1 341366-beyonce-c-and-destinys-child-perform-during-the-half-time-show-of-the-

160616535_crop_exact bey

beyonce beyonce_3 Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show beyonce-super-bowl destinys-child-super-bowl-performance p17iiq3q74jo3dflckef3gf9e4




As if Chris Brown wasn’t busy showing the world that he is the biggest tool bag ever, he opened his mouth yet again. This fool compared himself to…. JC. As in, Jesus Christ. Yep. He went there. Check out the article here.

BET's "106 & Park" - Day 1




Friday Funnies