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Look what came by UPS last Thursday! SO pumped!!!

Braves Opening Night ’14

Several weeks ago I went with friends to the Braves home opener. We had so much fun. It was a little chilly but otherwise the weather was perfect. We had the best burgers while there! Here are some pics..





As we were trying to find our car, I noticed a dude passed out asleep on the bed of his truck. So funny! I know a ton of people that take off work the day of the opening game to tailgate all day, so I am sure this dude did that too. Too bad he completely missed the game.


Spring/Summer Shoes





A week or so ago I ran to the mall to buy all the things pick up one item at Sephora. Across from Sephora is Macy’s. I thought I’d run upstairs to check to see if they had any wedges I might like. Mistake numero uno. Not only did I find wedges, I tried on multiple shoes that I feel in love with. Somehow I showed restraint and didn’t end up buying 4 pairs of shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 2.22.30 AM


Campsonne Pump

These may not seem like anything but special, but they are, especially on. I fell in love. As I was reluctantly putting the shoe back, I saw a young couple looking at the other shoe. I told them that it was a hot, sex shoe. The man was like, oh man, now she’s definitely going to want them! haha!

I also tried on this gorgeousness. I mean, it matches the purse I bought for my 30th birthday.. This is what I like to refer to as the Oh, I am getting some tonight shoe.


Mackenzie Platform Sandals


There are so many reasons I want to travel. To see the world, to have new experiences, to feel lost and exhilarated all at the same time, to see beautiful things God created, etc. Lately I have really been dying to travel. I am holding this blog responsible.

The Beginning..

She starts out wanting much more out of life (sounds eerily familiar to me..), decides to sell all of her stuff and just GO!


You should visit her blog for the pictures alone if you don’t want to read..

Read this to find out why traveling long term is not a waste of potential.



Traveling the world as a woman

Why she feels safe traveling the world alone

This post really hit home for me. Why being alone is what you really need.

April Bucket List Completions

none… whomp whomp..