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Black Widow

uhhhhbsessed with this song..

August Bucket List Completions

Skinny dip in the ocean

Naturally, I don’t have a photo of this. When I was in FL visiting my friend, after dinner we decided to walk on the beach. My friend suggested getting in the water and since I’m spontaneous, I got in naked! Thankfully he did not. 🙂 The water was really warm. I am obsessed with finding seashells, so I was searching for some with my feet since it was dark. I actually found one and I was so excited! I freaked out and dropped it after I saw a crab in it though.

Swim in the rain

Saturday at the beach was cloudy and then it started to rain. A lot of people left but some stayed to wait out the rain. It actually started raining pretty hard and it was cold, so we got in the water. Since the water was warm it felt SO good! We got out when it stopped raining and gathered our things and headed to the bars.

Lovie’s BBQ (saw this picture there!)


Pie Shop


True Food Kitchen


In the foreground you see spaghetti squash casserole with chicken and a cucumber-citrus skinny margarita. In the background you see watermelon rose with the turkey lasagna. Not pictured is the chia seed pudding I had. Everything was amazing!

My Little Buddy Speedy

This past Saturday I woke up knowing that I would be with my BFF (who is more like my sister) when she had to put her dog to sleep. Her husband was on a bachelor trip and wanted to come home to be with her. She decided that since the bachelor didn’t have any pets, he wouldn’t understand her husband leaving, so she told him to stay. Her in-laws picked up their son so that I could take her to the vet. Her MIL stopped me before I walked in the house and held my face and thanked me for being there. She told Ashley she wanted to be with her and Ashley told her that she’d be fine because I would know what to do and I was her sister. 🙂

I knew it would be difficult for Ashley because she’d had Speedy since he was a puppy. She even helped her brother cut his tail off. Speedy was 14 and towards the end of the week he wasn’t eating, and was vomiting and pooping every where. Speedy was typically an anxious dog and never sat still. On the car ride to the vet he sat perfectly still in her lap.

That is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Basically, her little boy died. My heart hurt for her. Being her BFF I’ve seen her cry and nothing could compare to these tears. She was hysterical. I was trying to be comforting and soothe her by rubbing her arm or back while she knelt in front of him, and the next thing I know, I saw big tears of my own land in front of me. Heart wrenching!!

I took a few pictures for her and in this one, he was looking over my left shoulder. Because her mom died when she was young, and my dad died 2 years ago, we both believe that they were there with us. I think that her mom was beside her trying to comfort her, and my dad was who he was looking at. Just a theory. I’ve sense Ashley’s mom before and Ashley knew she was there that day.

She called her husband and put him on speaker phone so he could say his goodbyes. It was the sweetest thing, he told Speedy that daddy loved him and that he’d see him again one day. Speedy had been very still all day and perked up when he heard Nick’s voice.


Speedy looking over my shoulder


Ashley giving him hugs and kisses


This was a little after they put him to sleep. She just wanted to hold him for a while.


I held my dad’s hand after he passed and he was stiff. I don’t remember if he was cold right away, but definitely stiff. With Speedy, he was still warm and pretty soft. I kept looking at him thinking that any minute he would wake up and jump down.

On my way home later that night I felt like crying all over again. It was almost overwhelmingly sad. After I took B outside and we settled down he was ALL over me. More so than usual. I welcomed it after the long day I’d had. He eventually fell asleep on my leg. I hope that I have a boyfriend/fiance/husband when it’s his time. Ashley said if I didn’t that I’d be staying there for several days.