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Dogs and St. Pattys

Animals are so funny. Saturday I took B over to my friend Gretchen’s house so he could play with her Yorkie. Rambo is very hyper and needs lots of attention and barks a lot. Bentley is the exact opposite. He just kind of lays around, he’s very submissive and new people freak him out. A friend of hers that is staying with her came home and he was all, it’s like your dog has down syndrome, its so crazy how different they are! hahahahaha! G was like, Alex that’s not nice and dogs have different personalities just like humans do!

I digress. My friend Jaclyn posted these two videos on FB and I had to share them with you. The cat and dog video absolutely cracks me up. Cats are such assholes.

This is the exact reason I crate my dog.. (not really but this video is funny)..

I love meeting new people. I met Jaclyn and some of her friends through Gretchen on Saturday. She’s such a sweetheart! Naturally we went out for St. Patty’s Day..


Not sure why I have Something About Mary hair?


good Lord I’m pale.. UGH



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