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Friday’s Letters

Dear Pool Party, I can’t wait for you tomorrow! It’s going to be HAWT. I love free food and booze, along with QT with the girls.

Dear stress, you’re making me break out. WTF!

Dear Dad, you make me so sad when you ask me things like “are you praying for me?” and “I want you and your sister to find good men”.

Dear KP, our convos make me smile. Love your face.

Dear bosses, HURRY THE EFF UP!!!! I’ve been waiting THREE months for this talk. Lets do this already!

Dear Sig Nails, I’ll see you in a few!

Dear Sunday, I am SO excited for you!! Mostly because I am getting furniture and taking pictures with my sister to frame for my dad, but also because B is getting his teeth cleaned.

Dear B, please try not to look so out-of-it and pathetic when I pick you up from your dental cleaning. I know they have to put you under, and I am so sorry. Also sorry they have to shave your little paw. I know you hate them being touched. When I pick you up I will let you kiss my face as much as you want though!

Dear boy, Can we puh-lease do cupcakes and champagne already!?

Dear intern, If you’ve never seen any of us wear jeans to work, you probably shouldn’t either. Also, you might want to make it to work on time daily. When you can’t, you should call, and not FORTY minutes AFTER you’re supposed to be here. Just. Sayin. If you think I don’t like you, you’re right! I would have already fired you. True. Story!

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