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–I’m getting a new bed frame! It happens to be the exact one as my ex’s but I don’t care. Mine is old as dirt, literally. It was my mom’s moms from when she was little. It’s just time for a new one. I’m giving mine to my sisters kids. There’s nothing more annoying than your bed squeaking every time your 10lb dog moves.
–One other reason I’m getting the bed frame is because I don’t have a lot of closet space or space in general in my place. I need to take out my winter coats and shirts and put them into a tub. My current bed is so low to the ground that it wouldn’t be possible to fit a tub under there. Hello Spring cleaning!
— Yes you read that correctly, I said ex. Things honestly hadn’t been the same between S and I since our fight about communicating about a month ago. Not sure how far I went into this on my last post, but basically he was stressed out about money…he didn’t convey that to me. He actually told me nothing was wrong, and I was left thinking it was ME. Anyway, I was pretty pissed when he finally told me what the problem was. I mean, communication is VERY important. ESPECIALLY when you’re 3.5 hours away from each other. I refuse to pull teeth for you to communicate. Not to mention, last week we had 2 fights and hardly talked over the weekend…so Monday when he said we were drifting, I ended things. I had been going back and forth about it for a while, and it just seemed that was the thing to do it.  

–Since said breakup, I DO feel like somewhat of a failure. Here I am, and 2 relationships I’ve been in I thought “he’s THE ONE!”, and I was wrong BOTH times. Ouch. As one of my friends put it, all you can do is put yourself out there and hope [they] reciprocate. Exactly what I did, but when it doesn’t work out like I planned, I definitely felt bummed.
–I have been a reading machine lately! When I finish the books that I’ve borrowed from a friend, I want to get a Nook, Kindle…or doesn’t an iPad have some kind of app I could get? I just don’t know which! This is where you tell me the pros and cons to the one you have k? Also, what version.
–I have to have sinus surgery. I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not and I’m too lazy to go look. I’ve always had ENT problems, since I was little. Over the past few months I started having intense sinus pressure in my teeth and migraines. I finally decided to see an ENT. He used some numbing spray and then stuck a tub the length of my arm down each nostril. You can imagine how fun that was. He saw a polyp on my left side, so he gave me scripts for an antibiotic, steroid, 2 nasal sprays, and something to prevent me from getting a yeast infection from all those meds. After that I got a CT scan to show if the meds helped. Basically it was a scan of my sinus cavities. Well, of course it didn’t help, because that’s my luck. SO! He highly recommended that I have surgery, “the sooner the better”. I also have to get allergy testing since I’ve never had it. I scheduled that for this month. Sinus surgery will be mid June.
Umm I think that’s all for now! Other than the thought of “getting back on the market” makes me literally want to vom. This summer should be fun! Sinus surgery… I do plan on traveling some, if I have any days left from time off.

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  1. Girl you are not a failure you are fabulous! Any man who leaves you feeling like that isn't worth it!I actually have the Kindle App on my phone & use it ALL THE TIME! I've read more books from my phone in the past couple of months then I did all last year! haha

  2. One step closer to finding the ONE!! You sound really good, and in a good place. You know what you want.

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