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Beauty Tip: Brows

Are you neglecting your brows? Think about this. We frame a picture to make it pop… our brows are the frame for our eyes! So don’t miss out on making your eyes pop by shaping and filling in your brow naturally! via 

However far apart your brows are, the larger your nose will look. This is very clear in photos and something I remind brides about all the time. Also, the thicker and fuller the brow the younger you’ll look. I’m not talking bushy brows here, but fuller brows are softer on the face. Experiment with bringing your brows closer together if you have been plucking away and they are too far apart.

If you live in the Atlanta area I highly recommend The Perfect Brows.

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    I feel like you’re talking to me here. I just looked in the rearview mirror this morning and shrieked haha. Touche. Your brows make or break the frame

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