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Beauty Tip: Eyeliner and Shadows

If black eye liner has become too harsh looking, try using grey liner if you wear silver jewelry or brown liner if you wear gold! Also, gold looks best for summer. Are you stocked up and ready for it? via 
Some of my favorite Lancome shadows are..




burnt sand



kitten heel
How gorg would montage, garment or excursion be for a smokey eye? (Not together). Add in a smidge of black to smoke it up a little? Or dark gray? Hello stunner!

4 Responses to Beauty Tip: Eyeliner and Shadows

  1. Pretty colors–the eye shadow I wear nearly every day is a pinkish-gold from Clinique and I LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and come back soon!

  2. I love all the colors. I'm a nude and brown kind of girlxoxoSC

  3. Wow, beautiful colors…I´m still looking for the right color (eyeshadow). I´m wearing grey eyeliner most of the time, I´m blonde and I look ridiculous wearing black eyeliner 😉 xo Doro (it´s my first comment here, sorry, I´m following you since quite a while ;))

  4. Everybody is raving about the Urban Decay Palette, I think I should just go and get it…thank you for recommending!!! xo

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