I was going to post about this lovely mascara that is TDF, but when I went to Benefit’s website, I realized that there are a few other products i have purchased that are also TDF.

#1 They’re Real $22.00

This mascara beats any mascara I’ve ever tried. Hands down. I’ve tried every mascara under the sun. MAC, Dior, Maybelline, Clinique, Revlon, etc. and none compare to this one. What ever magic they have, they put in this bottle. My lashes are noticeably thicker and longer. Run get this!

#2 They’re Real mini $10.00

If you don’t want to spend $22 on a mascara you think you might not like, I suggest buying the mini version at half the price. Win win!

#3 Dallas blush $28.00

I purchased this last spring and although I love NARS’ Orgasm, this blush gives you that ‘just been sun kissed’ glow. It is one of my summer favorites.

#4 Erase Paste $26.00

You can also buy this in a mini version for around $10. It is the best eye brightening concealer I’ve used. Personally I think it beats any of MAC’s concealers. Anyone that knows me knows I am big on MAC, so for me to say that, you know it’s good stuff! I also like boi-ing by Benefit. I am waiting to use up my MAC concealer before purchasing it. It covers zits like no other and doesn’t look like you have piled makeup on.

#5 Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow $19.00

I also purchased this last spring in the color RSVP. It’s a light shimmery pink that looks great if you don’t want a lot of color. This looks gorg with the sun kissed look.

While browsing Benefit’s products online, I came across some of their “champion” products. I havent used any of the products in the first two pictures, so if you have please let me know if you like them or not! Take a look..

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