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Ashley at Run with Me always writes out her confessions on Tuesdays, and since I love that idea, I’m stealing borrowing it. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to do this, I will more than likely forget. We’ll see how it goes.

– I confess that I felt weirded out when I went into VS over the weekend to try on bikinis. The woman leading me into the dressing room was asking what size bra I wore. I told her and she immediately checked out my rack. Awkward. She told me she never would have guessed my size (she was thinking bigger) and asked if I had on a push-up strapless bra.  

 – I confess that I bought the Mia Clarasonic in hopes of returning it because I have the Olay $30 version of it. Boy was I wrong. The cheap version is nothing like the Mia. With the Olay one, the whole head spins. With the Mia, the head vibrates (TWSS!) and its easier to clean your face and get the area under your eyes and nose. 

– I confess that I wash my face with a washcloth before using the Mia. I only do this because I am crazy OCD about the bristles on the brush not looking dirty.

– I confess that even though now I technically wash my face twice, a little makeup still comes off on the Mia. What’s that tell you that your wash cloth is doing?!

– I confess that I bought my dog some doggy stairs for my bed. Since I got the new one, it’s much higher off the ground.

 – I confess that he hasn’t learned how to use them yet, may possibly be terrified of them, so I held him and pushed him up them. When he jumped down TWICE in the night, I picked him back up off the ground instead of letting him figure the stairs out. Mom fail.

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