After seeing this post on the clipless curling iron, I decided I needed to try it out. I drove to my near by Ulta and searched for clipless irons that were thick, because the thicker the barrel, the better. ;TWSS!

This is how Julia’s hair turned out using the Jose Eber 25mm clipless iron..

Just somewhat wavy. I used the iron the way Julia did in the video, which could have been a mistake for a first time user? I should have possibly used the little glove that came with the iron. In any case, I wasn’t to thrilled with the results. Maybe its because I have some short layers? I didn’t dig the small layer ends sticking out all over the place. Plus lets be honest, my hair looks nothing like hers.
The next day I decided to use my trusty Conair 1″.
Much better, no? What are your thoughts? What type of curling iron do you use?

4 Responses to Hair

  1. I use Conair, your hair is cute!

  2. Love the curl you got!

  3. I recently picked up the Hot Tools Tapered Curling Wand and I LOVE it! It's actually made me enjoy curling my hair haha. Your hair looks amazing, though, I love those curls!

  4. LOVE your hair in the second pic… it's perfect!

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