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New Look

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will notice a much improved look. It’s so pretty and girly and sweet..totally me. HA! I owe all the thanks to Erin of EEF Designs. SHE. IS. AWESOME. She went above and beyond and then 10 miles more to help me. I cannot say enough about how great she is. Seriously.

Side note: I contacted at least 20 people to help me design a look for my blog. None of them could help me with a self-hosted wordpress design. I hontesly thought about switching back over to Blogger because of it. I mean, having a cute blog is just, well, attractive. Who would have known it was that hard? Erin did a fantastic job and I am more than pleased with her work! She also creates designs for Blogger. Go check her out!!

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