On Tuesday of last week I knew I was getting sick. After work I stocked up on some meds praying they would help. Wednesday when I woke up I felt horrible! Another sinus infection, go figure. I was out of work the rest of the week trying to rest my body.

Friday as I was lying in bed scrolling through tweets, I saw Dayna and Sarah asking about places to go in Atlanta. Since I’ve lived here for 8 years I thought I would suggest some. I ended up suggesting a ton and the girls asked me to meet up with them.

My boss called me into work on Friday, so I figured I’d go home, spray tan and attempt to make myself feel better by actually putting on makeup and real clothes.

We went to Blue Moon Pizza and it was fantastic!


After that I took them around to a few local bars and somehow when I left to pick up with a friend, I lost them. Sad! I was feeling so bad all day Saturday that I didn’t get to meet up with them at the Braves game. Being around smoke + sinus infection = not breathing properly. Ugh.

They are coming back soon though! 😉


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  1. It was SO much fun!! Thank you for showing us around 🙂 We will definitely be back soon…. 😉

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