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Dog Shaming

Here’s something to make you laugh. Dog Shaming. My friend Amber told me about it. You’re welcome!

Cozybear at her finest has been caught eating an entire 6lb raw lamb roast and spoiling Easter dinner! The string was the only hard evidence left!

He is notorious for eating bread and chips off of the counter. We thought a can of soup was safe…

He’s done something bad often enough to need a box of shame.

Every.Single.Time…. without exception. Moose has some serious issues with PDA.

I’m not even mad… that’s amazing.

Jake the Dog: I welcomed the hedgehog to her new home by trying to EAT her. My mom spent an hour plucking quills out of me 🙁
FizzBitch the hedgehog: I chase the dog around the house because he’s scared of me now LoL

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