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Friday Funnies

AHHH! I’ve been so busy working my booty off that I almost forgot about posting today!!

Check out what I did.




those areas were slammed full of boxes…



Here are some personal funnies that I have.


You will only get this if you A) are a Braves fan, or B) follow MLB

I was texting with my boss yesterday helping him out with flight info since he was out of town. This auto correct made me laugh for an hour.



Once again Miss Taylor has managed to make me laugh, but then again it really doesn’t take much.

This post on who was having the best week ever. #1 being: Fake Girlfriends


Coming in 2nd, not first, like he prefers: Lance Armstrong. Her commentary on this whole post had me laughing. The news about Elin & Tiger was something I hadn’t heard, but Adele exposing Taylor’s mean side was pretty dead on. I too think that she’s really just a mean girl.

Her Dear Mittens letter cracked me up. I love my Repubs but that post had me dying.

This picture.. this will be my friend Sara in several years! hahaha



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