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Friday Funnies

I decided to post each Friday things that made me laugh over the week. Hopefully I can start this and keep it up, at least for a year? We shall see!

On Monday I got The Daily Tay’s post, Resolutions You Should Have Made. She did a celebrity version and the one that cracked me up was Taylor Swift. Taylor, you should make a resolution to steal Kanye’s baby the second the doctor places it in his arms and proclaim, this belongs to Ray J!



2. Monday my friend Sara and I went ice skating. We were trying to figure out if we wanted to watch the football game before ice skating, or if we wanted to watch the game one night, and the next night go skating. As we were texting back and forth she asked who was playing. I told her UGA. She wrote me back and told me that they had already played. OHHHHHH YEAHHHH… No wonder the guys looked at me funny when I told two of them they should pull for UGA since they both went to school there. …hahahahahaha  I told them about it the next day and they both said they thought I was being sarcastic. LOL

3. After ice skating we hit up a bar to watch the football game. When we were leaving down town we kept running into roads where no left turn was allowed. We needed to turn left to get back to our side of town. We finally approached a road that let us turn left. So we needed to make another left to head in the right direction. The next intersection we approached said “NO LEFT TURN”. I started laughing at the circumstance and told Sara the sign might as well have said, “HAHA Tricked ya!”

4. While driving in the ghetto since we were lost, we approached a gas station. There were several signs on a fence along the wall to the building. I started laughing and Sara asked what I was laughing at. I told her, “that sign says ‘NECKS'”. So random. The closer we got to the sign I saw that it actually said V Necks but the “V” was above the word necks so I didn’t see it. Again, we were about to pee our pants from laughing.

5. Pinterest always makes me laugh..


I guess that’s why I don’t own a LV?


hahahahahaa YESSSSS!!




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