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Hitting Home

Last night started out as a girls night. It was a nice change to hang out with friends you don’t see a lot. My friend G brought one of her friends I’d never met. We had a good time while we were out.

As the night was winding down we got on the discussion of family. Turns out C’s dad also died of cancer. We sat I. The car for a good 60 minutes talking about those last moments with our fathers and how painful it was to see them each whither away to nothing.

When I got home I didn’t sleep very well. I tossed and turned until 7AM.

As I lay on my couch trying to finish Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives, I came across a chapter about the main character’s dad. She and her dad didn’t have a great relationship because her dad left for another woman. As the main character is at her mom’s for Christmas, her daughter discovers letters that were sent to her from years back.

She finds out that her mom hid the letters from her because, “You would have left me, too. You would have chosen him over me. Him…and her.”

She immediately leaves to see her dad, as he is on his death bed at home, during from cancer. The conversation that they have hit close to home. Too close, as I tearfully finished the chapter.

Life has a funny way of putting things into perspective. The things you once fought tooth and nail for no longer seem to matter. And, the things that mattered, that you didn’t make enough time for, matter even more.

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