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August Bucket List Completions

Skinny dip in the ocean

Naturally, I don’t have a photo of this. When I was in FL visiting my friend, after dinner we decided to walk on the beach. My friend suggested getting in the water and since I’m spontaneous, I got in naked! Thankfully he did not. 🙂 The water was really warm. I am obsessed with finding seashells, so I was searching for some with my feet since it was dark. I actually found one and I was so excited! I freaked out and dropped it after I saw a crab in it though.

Swim in the rain

Saturday at the beach was cloudy and then it started to rain. A lot of people left but some stayed to wait out the rain. It actually started raining pretty hard and it was cold, so we got in the water. Since the water was warm it felt SO good! We got out when it stopped raining and gathered our things and headed to the bars.

Lovie’s BBQ (saw this picture there!)


Pie Shop


True Food Kitchen


In the foreground you see spaghetti squash casserole with chicken and a cucumber-citrus skinny margarita. In the background you see watermelon rose with the turkey lasagna. Not pictured is the chia seed pudding I had. Everything was amazing!

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