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Fun times with friends lately..

Oct 2015: exploring PCM bc posing with a giant clock is totally normal. (I’ve always been drawn to clocks for some strange reason. I thought it was a “me” thing until I realized my dad was too.) My face literally lit up when I saw this giant clock. #likefatherlikedaughter #imweird ????????????????????????


Nov 2015: While holding a phone to change settings, #hello came on. Naturally, I thought of this. #imusthavecalled1000times


Dec 2015: Bogart, Christmas Parties and NYE



even subconsciously giving the cake a ??









My Little Buddy Speedy

This past Saturday I woke up knowing that I would be with my BFF (who is more like my sister) when she had to put her dog to sleep. Her husband was on a bachelor trip and wanted to come home to be with her. She decided that since the bachelor didn’t have any pets, he wouldn’t understand her husband leaving, so she told him to stay. Her in-laws picked up their son so that I could take her to the vet. Her MIL stopped me before I walked in the house and held my face and thanked me for being there. She told Ashley she wanted to be with her and Ashley told her that she’d be fine because I would know what to do and I was her sister. 🙂

I knew it would be difficult for Ashley because she’d had Speedy since he was a puppy. She even helped her brother cut his tail off. Speedy was 14 and towards the end of the week he wasn’t eating, and was vomiting and pooping every where. Speedy was typically an anxious dog and never sat still. On the car ride to the vet he sat perfectly still in her lap.

That is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Basically, her little boy died. My heart hurt for her. Being her BFF I’ve seen her cry and nothing could compare to these tears. She was hysterical. I was trying to be comforting and soothe her by rubbing her arm or back while she knelt in front of him, and the next thing I know, I saw big tears of my own land in front of me. Heart wrenching!!

I took a few pictures for her and in this one, he was looking over my left shoulder. Because her mom died when she was young, and my dad died 2 years ago, we both believe that they were there with us. I think that her mom was beside her trying to comfort her, and my dad was who he was looking at. Just a theory. I’ve sense Ashley’s mom before and Ashley knew she was there that day.

She called her husband and put him on speaker phone so he could say his goodbyes. It was the sweetest thing, he told Speedy that daddy loved him and that he’d see him again one day. Speedy had been very still all day and perked up when he heard Nick’s voice.


Speedy looking over my shoulder


Ashley giving him hugs and kisses


This was a little after they put him to sleep. She just wanted to hold him for a while.


I held my dad’s hand after he passed and he was stiff. I don’t remember if he was cold right away, but definitely stiff. With Speedy, he was still warm and pretty soft. I kept looking at him thinking that any minute he would wake up and jump down.

On my way home later that night I felt like crying all over again. It was almost overwhelmingly sad. After I took B outside and we settled down he was ALL over me. More so than usual. I welcomed it after the long day I’d had. He eventually fell asleep on my leg. I hope that I have a boyfriend/fiance/husband when it’s his time. Ashley said if I didn’t that I’d be staying there for several days.



In April my baby turned 10! I’m just now getting around to posting about his bday.. Oops!! I ordered him a little felt crown. How cute did it turn out?!


The strap was too big so I had to place it on his head. We didn’t do a whole lot, but he did get a bday cupcake!


Dogs and St. Pattys

Animals are so funny. Saturday I took B over to my friend Gretchen’s house so he could play with her Yorkie. Rambo is very hyper and needs lots of attention and barks a lot. Bentley is the exact opposite. He just kind of lays around, he’s very submissive and new people freak him out. A friend of hers that is staying with her came home and he was all, it’s like your dog has down syndrome, its so crazy how different they are! hahahahaha! G was like, Alex that’s not nice and dogs have different personalities just like humans do!

I digress. My friend Jaclyn posted these two videos on FB and I had to share them with you. The cat and dog video absolutely cracks me up. Cats are such assholes.

This is the exact reason I crate my dog.. (not really but this video is funny)..

I love meeting new people. I met Jaclyn and some of her friends through Gretchen on Saturday. She’s such a sweetheart! Naturally we went out for St. Patty’s Day..


Not sure why I have Something About Mary hair?


good Lord I’m pale.. UGH



Happy Birthday To My Other Half

My other half as in, the woman that is always there for me, even that one time when we didn’t talk for 2 years.  Oopsies.


The woman that knows what I mean when I say “blood is not thicker than water”, because she has also been there, and doesn’t try to change my opinion.


The woman that understands and listens to me when I talk about my childhood relationship with my dad. How he beat me was never the amazing father, how I always wanted that awesome father/daughter relationship, because her childhood was similar.


The woman that understands what it feels like to walk in on your bf/fiance cheating on you, because it happened to her, a year earlier, in the same house.


The woman that drove an hour to pick me up from said house, kicked her husband out of bed, and talked with me all night long and the next day because I called her in shock immediately after it happened.


The woman that you know any man would be lucky if she picks him because she loves sex, loves football, and is a strong independent woman, just like you.


The woman that you packed an entire house for because you knew she needed to move.


The woman that you thought was intimidating when you first met her.


The woman that you share every tiny detail with.


The woman that is inspiring because she seems like she can do everything.

The woman that is inspiring because she tries to do everything.


The woman that understands precisely what I mean when I say I hate my small town I’m from.


The woman that drives you crazy because she over analyzes things just as much as you do.

The woman that is a replica of you, just 3 years older and brunette.


The woman that has completely opposite taste in men from you.


The woman that tells you “we will make a plan” when you are freaking out because you are questioning so many things in your present life.

The woman that will drive 3 hours to be with you at your dad’s visitation because she knows what it’s like to lose a parent, but can’t actually come because she caught pink eye. ha!


The woman that will spend 9 hours with you, 6 of those in a car, helping you pack up your dad’s house.

The woman that will finish your sentences or say your thoughts out loud.


The woman that you know you can say anything to and vice versa because you both have each others best interests at heart.


The woman that knows what it’s like to have a crush on a co-worker.


The woman that completely understands my relationship with M because she has been there before.


The woman that Bentley feels comfortable around. If you know what a baby my dog is, this is huge.


The woman that currently will get all of my retirement money if anything happens to me before I marry.


The woman that will have a baby for me, if I decide to, because I don’t want to jack up my body and because I’m selfish.

The woman that understands how important it is to maintain yourself because she’s thinks so too.


The woman that supports and encourages you even though she may not agree with you, because that’s just what friends do.










The woman that I am lucky enough to call my best friend, which doesn’t seem to do justice to what she really means to me.


Within the past month or longer I have had trouble sleeping. I love sleep and it loves me right back. To say that I’m not happy I can’t sleep through the night is an understatement. Sure I’ll wake up to pee or take B out to pee – and even then I get annoyed – but I’ve never had trouble falling asleep again.

I will wake up several times throughout the night and if my back is to my door, I have to turn over. I can see my front door from my bed, and I have to stare at it before I go back to sleep. Why, I have no idea. It’s like I’m afraid someone will break in. Which is kind of redic – all outside doors lock and you have to have a key to get in the building.

Sometimes Most of the time I am terrified I will see my dad in my place. Creepy, right? It’s true though. I strictly told him I didn’t want to see him. (I’m totally aware I sound like I need to be committed). He was a big jokester, so who knows. I was always the type of person to think ghosts/spirits were not real…until he passed away. Also, one of my BFFs mother’s died in 1997 and she has told me that at times she can feel her mom’s presence in her house. I think you tend to give more cred when you actually know someone that has gone through this, versus hearing about it from a stranger. At least I do.

At 5:30 this morning I woke up from a dream that was all too real. I had a vivid dream of how the world was going to end. Let’s just say that at 5:30am I was seriously contemplating on getting up and starting my day. It freaked me out enough to start looking for a psychologist. I need someone to help me make sense of all this and more importantly – to start sleeping better! Prayers!

Attention Whore

I love my little baby. I think he is the cutest thing ever. Love how he slowly gets closer and closer.. haha I was eating Chinese the other night and he kept inching his way closer after I was done.
Sitting on the couchWalking to the other one that I’m onMid-lickNotice his paws on my kneesAhhh that’s more like it mom! Notice I am trying to read. Ah, Yorkies..attention whores.

Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I adore you.

Dear cheese tray at Cafe Intermezzo, I will see you this weekend!

Dear small town where I got a ticket, F.U. I was speeding because I was told to get my booty to see my dad bc he didn’t have long. The fact that you’re making me pay a total of $500 is REDIC. And take a driving class? I WAS SPEEDING.. not selling crack or murdering someone!

Dear money, I love when I see you a lot. Preferrably in my account.



Dear Bentley, You are so fat! haha Sorry for leaving treats in my closet and not closing the door!

Dear Family, stop being so freaking CRAY CRAY!! KTHANKBYE!


I also decided to do this fun little post that I saw on Lauren’s blog.

1.  The best thing to do on a hot day is day drink at the pool, nap, then go for a light dinner and ice cream.
2.   The best place to be on a hot day is the beach.
3.  The best thing to eat on a hot day is  cold fruit, or a cold fruity cocktail.
4. Hot days can be miserable at times.    
5. My go to uniform on a warm summer day is  as little clothing as possible! Tank, shorts, flippy floppies or wedges.
6. The scent that reminds me of summer is A&F Classic perfume (apparently they don’t sell it anymore, sadz!) or D&G Light Blue.
7.  My favorite thing about summer is the long days and nights, being tan, cold drinks.

Loving Bentley

I am obsessed with my dog baby. See?













Fridays Letters

Dear blog readers, I am still working on a few posts. I’m a month behind.

Dear family, my dad would roll over in his grave if he knew you took the money he left us and moved it to your account. You will pay!

Dear work, Thank you for keeping me busy.

Dear B, Please don’t lose your hearing!! Hope it’s just a side effect of your infection.

Dear weekend, I am so ready to do nothing!!!

Fridays Letters

Dear blog readers, I haven’t forgotten about you. I will update very soon!

Dear family, stop being crazy!!!

Dear depression, Go away!

Dear B, I’m sorry you got an ear infection. Of all people I know how painful that is. You’ll be better soon!!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Pool Party, I can’t wait for you tomorrow! It’s going to be HAWT. I love free food and booze, along with QT with the girls.

Dear stress, you’re making me break out. WTF!

Dear Dad, you make me so sad when you ask me things like “are you praying for me?” and “I want you and your sister to find good men”.

Dear KP, our convos make me smile. Love your face.

Dear bosses, HURRY THE EFF UP!!!! I’ve been waiting THREE months for this talk. Lets do this already!

Dear Sig Nails, I’ll see you in a few!

Dear Sunday, I am SO excited for you!! Mostly because I am getting furniture and taking pictures with my sister to frame for my dad, but also because B is getting his teeth cleaned.

Dear B, please try not to look so out-of-it and pathetic when I pick you up from your dental cleaning. I know they have to put you under, and I am so sorry. Also sorry they have to shave your little paw. I know you hate them being touched. When I pick you up I will let you kiss my face as much as you want though!

Dear boy, Can we puh-lease do cupcakes and champagne already!?

Dear intern, If you’ve never seen any of us wear jeans to work, you probably shouldn’t either. Also, you might want to make it to work on time daily. When you can’t, you should call, and not FORTY minutes AFTER you’re supposed to be here. Just. Sayin. If you think I don’t like you, you’re right! I would have already fired you. True. Story!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I am SO happy to see you!

Dear pool, I will see you on Saturday, possibly Sunday too. Bring. It. On.

Dear Ivy, thank you for having bottomless mimosas on Sundays until 5PM. GENIUS idea!

Dear Bentley, You look like a handsome boy with your summer cut! Thank you for not hating me when I made you get shots AND a hair cut this week. I love when you cuddle up with me on the couch and allll night during the night like a wittle baby when you get a hair cut.

Dear dude in PetSmart, I would have totally stolen your 7 week old Yorkie if you would have let me hold him. So glad I didn’t ask. Silver bracelets on both wrists aren’t really my thing.

Dear Sara, thank you for always making me laugh!!!


Dear G, I’m so happy you moved closer! I love having über cool girl friends to hang out with.

Dear J. Crew, thank you for having this awesome leopard print scarf. I have been looking for one for a long time.


Dear guy in China, thank you for selling this necklace for $15 when the same one is at J. Crew for $150! Can’t wait to wear it, especially to football games!


Dear God, as always, please bring me my husband. Or, at least help me have more patience while he walks..from Africa. 🙂

Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I am SO happy to see your face!

Dear Subway cookies, why are you so yummy?

Dear Jillian Michaels, I love you and hate you at the same time. Thank you for making tough workouts with quick results.

Dear bank account, I love when you fill yourself up. Please do it more often.

Dear Express, thank you for having an amazing sale. I went in for a pair of shorts and walked out with a makeup bag, shorts, 4 tank tops and one shirt.

Dear Limited, sorry but you lose this round. It’s rare I go to Express but I wasn’t even tempted by you.

Dear Limited, Boo on you for not having a large in the belt I want. I wanted to wear it around my hips. The small AND medium I ORDERED didn’t work.

Dear Tobi, thank you for not emailing me this week with items I “needed”.

Dear stomach, I LOVE when you feel skinny. Like what’s her face said, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Dear girl friends, I’m excited to spend QT with you this weekend!

Dear new hair people, please don’t F up my hair. You’re much closer in location than the other place I used and I need you to make me look GEWD for this upcoming week!

Dear God, thank you for every experience. Good and bad I always take something from it. Also, thanks for giving me motivation.

Dear guy friend, thank you for noticing and telling me you noticed I’ve slimmed down. I love your face off.

Dear Bentley, I love your face off too! You are so weird when you eat and it cracks me up. Must film for blog. Please don’t hate me on Sunday when I take you to get your shots.

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I have been tagged! Courtney shared 25 things we don’t know about her and now it’s my turn. I had the opportunity to meet Court when I went to Vegas last May and she is super awesome and down to earth. Go check out her blog!


Now for the 25 Things…


1. I completed a few semesters in college. I got tired of the BS classes (English, Math, P.E.). What’s up with taking those again in college? Is 12 years of them not enough? Will I actually learn anything I didn’t learn in school? Doubtful!


2. I am cold 98% of the time. I’m that girl that will run the heater under her desk in the summer.


3. After working at my current job for 5 years, they are just now learning that I am OCD about things being neat. Way to pay attention guys!


4. Last week I may or may not have squeezed my dog too hard and he squealed. Once I let go he walked away and I got on to him because we were snugglin’!


5. Sometimes I think I’ll be single until I’m in my mid-thirties. I hope it’s not the case, but I have a feeling it will be.


6. Since the last bf, I have been thinking about signing up for online dating. Crazy because I always said NO to it. It still scares me. I mean, first dates are awkward enough, right?!


7. There is one ex in particular that I had some ahhhhhhmazing chemistry with. Maybe he is my Mr. Big? Doubtful. Sometimes I do wonder “what if”.


8. I have always been “tiny”, until recently. I swear my ENT doctor is out to make me fat. Being on steroids twice does not make me feel good about myself!


9. I never really watched cartoons as a kid. I usually watched what ever came on after school or TGIF.
10. Sometimes I wish I was a Stay At Home Dog Mom.


11. I have always been a night owl. I blame my dad. My mom said he would wake my sister and I up in the middle of the night so he could play with us.


12. I need a little girl, of my likeness. Curly blonde hair, big green eyes.. Eventually.


13. I love the summer but hate it at the same time because it is SO humid. Nothing like walking outside and wanting to take another shower.


14. I hate taking a bath and I only do it when I am super sick. Even then sometimes I’ll take a shower. There’s something that grosses me out about sitting in your own filth. You’re supposed to get clean!


15. I have two tattoos and wish I had none. If I won the lottery that’s one of the first things I’d do.


16. I am such a planner. I plan every aspect of my life that I can, and then some.


17. I have never broken a bone. I fractured a finger running down a flight of stairs in 5” platform shoes on Halloween one year.


18. If I could be 5’4” or 5’5” I would never have to buy the “short” pants or get them hemmed.


19. I think I want one boy and one girl when I have kids.


20. I love pinterest. What did I do before it?


21. I wish my pinterest boards were real life.


22. I love the Olsen twins. They are so tiny and perfect looking. Minus their weird clothing.


23. I don’t usually wash my legs or feet. I figure the soap runs down. How dirty are your legs getting if you wear pants daily? I ped egg my feet on the regular, and shave too..


24. My leg hairs are blonde, minus the ones near each ankle. Odd!


25. My dog and I have legit conversations. I will ask him a question and he will shake his head and make a noise. The noise is like a “pffft” noise, which is also the noise he makes instead of barking.

Shots and Moving

Please excuse the lack of blogging, while I am trying to move my blog over to Word Press! If you know of any tips, please contact me! Also, if you would like the URL, please leave me a comment (and make sure your email address links back) or email me. For those of you that get my blog by email, I am working on figuring out how to get Word Press posts emailed..

I haven’t written a lot about this, but I have to have sinus surgery. My doctor recommended that I be tested for allergies, otherwise the surgery would basically be useless to me. So this week I went and got tested. OH MY WORD. Worst doctor visit ever. I cannot express the amount of itchiness I experienced while NOT being able to scratch! UGH! 

I went in yesterday for my results. Turns out I am allergic to trees, grass, and weeds. As in, highly allergic. The doc told me that he hadn’t come across someone so allergic to that stuff in a long time. Awesome. It definitely explains why I get sick EVERY time the seasons change. I am also pretty allergic to dust and all things dust related. Apparently I am only mildly allergic to dogs. Awesome. I do believe that the bigger the dog, the more allergic I am. I have noticed that around most big dogs I will scratch a little, whereas around smaller dogs I don’t usually scratch.

 FML!!! I cannot convey how annoyed I am with my body right now. I couldn’t take any meds (Zyrtec, Benedryl, etc) for a full day, until I got my results. Worst day ever. I was crazy moody, and on top of that I had to wait 1.5 hours to get new tires on my car. Awesome.

 So the good news is that there’s something we can do. I will go in weekly starting May 10th to get shots that will build up my immunity to what I am allergic to. Sounds fun right? I know you’re jealous. Pray for me!

 Here are some pictures of the shots I had to get..


My back. She stuck me on my back first, and I waited 10 minutes. Based off those results she knew what else to test me for on my arms. She put little blue dots beside each needle prick so she’d know where to look for a reaction.

Upper left arm

lower left arm

lower right arm

upper right arm

upper right arm the next day.

 If you look at the circles beside the lines, that shows how allergic I am to whatever she stuck me with. Even today I still have whelps on my arm, and they still itch! This was the only arm that I couldn’t wash the marker off of. I had to go in yesterday to see if I developed more of a reaction over 24 hours, and to get my results.



Fat Lip

So, I’m weird because my lips peel daily. IDK why, I’ve never tried to understand it I guess. Last night I went to BB&B to get some doggy steps for my bed and I peeled one side of my lower lip. Not a big deal, it was nothing out of the norm. I went home, cleaned a little, showered, read a magazine, and got ready for bed. Before I go to bed I put Bert’s Bees chapstick on, so I did that and finished reading my magazine. Before I went to sleep I noticed my lips burned a little. I thought they were chapped so I slathered more Bert’s on. That was around 9. At 11 I woke up because B needed to go outside. My lip felt funny so when I looked in the mirror and saw this… I freaked out!

Pretty sure that a little monster ate my lip. Luckily when I woke up this morning it was mostly back to normal size! My medical field friends think I had an allergic reaction to something. What, I have NO idea! Just glad it’s back to normal!

Happy Birthday Boo!

Happy Birthday to my baby, B!
He is 8 years old today. What an old man! He brings so much love and joy to me every day, I cannot imagine my life without him. I need him to live forever. Here are some pictures of him over the 8 years.
Asleep on the car ride, yes he’s on the arm rest! haha
With my old room mate’s dog, Harley

One of my fav pics of us in the park

His Santa outfit

Woken up from a nap

Just being his usual cute self

My protector

Love that little face to pieces!!

Christmas at Grandpa’s

I was telling my sister the other day that any time I really didn’t want him all up in my space, he was (like when I’m reading a book). Any time I try to hug him and smash him, he acts like he doesn’t want me to. Maybe it has something to do with the smashing part?? 🙂
Taking him to the park tomorrow and getting him a cupcake or a cookie tonight!
OH! I almost forgot.. yesterday I had soup and cornbread from Whole Foods. They sell cornbread by the LB, and I couldn’t eat all of it. I decided not to be wastful and take it home. When I got home I put my purse on the floor and went to use the bathroom. My normal routine.
I came out of the bathroom and saw the cornbread that I wrapped in a napkin and taped, out of my purse and him going to town on it. He was so into it, he didn’t even budge when I walked near him (something he normally does). ha! lil shit


–I’m getting a new bed frame! It happens to be the exact one as my ex’s but I don’t care. Mine is old as dirt, literally. It was my mom’s moms from when she was little. It’s just time for a new one. I’m giving mine to my sisters kids. There’s nothing more annoying than your bed squeaking every time your 10lb dog moves.
–One other reason I’m getting the bed frame is because I don’t have a lot of closet space or space in general in my place. I need to take out my winter coats and shirts and put them into a tub. My current bed is so low to the ground that it wouldn’t be possible to fit a tub under there. Hello Spring cleaning!
— Yes you read that correctly, I said ex. Things honestly hadn’t been the same between S and I since our fight about communicating about a month ago. Not sure how far I went into this on my last post, but basically he was stressed out about money…he didn’t convey that to me. He actually told me nothing was wrong, and I was left thinking it was ME. Anyway, I was pretty pissed when he finally told me what the problem was. I mean, communication is VERY important. ESPECIALLY when you’re 3.5 hours away from each other. I refuse to pull teeth for you to communicate. Not to mention, last week we had 2 fights and hardly talked over the weekend…so Monday when he said we were drifting, I ended things. I had been going back and forth about it for a while, and it just seemed that was the thing to do it.  

–Since said breakup, I DO feel like somewhat of a failure. Here I am, and 2 relationships I’ve been in I thought “he’s THE ONE!”, and I was wrong BOTH times. Ouch. As one of my friends put it, all you can do is put yourself out there and hope [they] reciprocate. Exactly what I did, but when it doesn’t work out like I planned, I definitely felt bummed.
–I have been a reading machine lately! When I finish the books that I’ve borrowed from a friend, I want to get a Nook, Kindle…or doesn’t an iPad have some kind of app I could get? I just don’t know which! This is where you tell me the pros and cons to the one you have k? Also, what version.
–I have to have sinus surgery. I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not and I’m too lazy to go look. I’ve always had ENT problems, since I was little. Over the past few months I started having intense sinus pressure in my teeth and migraines. I finally decided to see an ENT. He used some numbing spray and then stuck a tub the length of my arm down each nostril. You can imagine how fun that was. He saw a polyp on my left side, so he gave me scripts for an antibiotic, steroid, 2 nasal sprays, and something to prevent me from getting a yeast infection from all those meds. After that I got a CT scan to show if the meds helped. Basically it was a scan of my sinus cavities. Well, of course it didn’t help, because that’s my luck. SO! He highly recommended that I have surgery, “the sooner the better”. I also have to get allergy testing since I’ve never had it. I scheduled that for this month. Sinus surgery will be mid June.
Umm I think that’s all for now! Other than the thought of “getting back on the market” makes me literally want to vom. This summer should be fun! Sinus surgery… I do plan on traveling some, if I have any days left from time off.

A Kentucky Girl’s Favs

Hey y’all!
 the gorgeous Miss V asked me to guest blog for her today so 
my apologies that you can’t have her today, thus being stuck with

For those of you who don’t know me:
I am the author of The Kentucky Priss
If you prefer the recipe/crafty/ I read this great book kinda blog/ Lilly Lilly Lilly that looks like mint green and pink just threw up all over your computer monitor- then I can assure you, my blog won’t be your fav!
But if you like a blog that talks about REAL LIFE/I am a hot mess/did that REALLY just happen?
Then I might make your top 100.
That being said, what should you know about me?
How about 5 basics?

– I clearly love a car bar {as you can see from my picture}
  Very legal. 
 {my northern friends tell me it’s called “road soadies” for you northerners, but if you’re southern, like myself- then you totally understand what I just said.

– I am a fur momma to a sweeet little yorkie named Daisy May

– My blood is Kentucky Blue

– Sparkling white wine/ Makers STRAIGHT  …if you please 
{hey, I’m a Kentucky girl, LAND of the bourbon, it’s how I was raised}

– I am pretty doggone funny….
I was SUPER excited when V asked me to guest blog for her!
It was kind of love. LUV. lurve at first e-mail…
If I told you all the things we have in common 
like how we even have the same occupation, we would be here all day…
but no joke, it’s legit how we are kind of the same person….our dogs are even dating…
Daisy hates the long distance and misses “Mr. B”, {short for Bentley} everyday that ends in “y”

No inter-breeding couple here, no sir
Yes, they are both yorkies….

                          Daisy May                 Bentley
Since we’re on the topic of “my favorite things” 
I thought it would be fun to go over an updated list of things that I am obsessing over!
I thought I would cover some of my favorite things:
makeup, clothes, scents, and adult bevs

1.  Staples in makeup:
I LOVE a good blood red lipstick.
I know what you red virgins are thinking and believe me, I was skeptical at first too, until I tried it!
My favorite cheap- still gets the job done- go to:

Revlon’s: Certainly Red
Revlon Super Lustrous - Creme Lipstick, Certainly Red
Obsessed with this color and you can find it at your local Wally world, Tar-Jay, or other drug stores that carry Revlon products.
Try it!

I am also pretty obsessed with white eyeliner around the lower inside bottom of the eyelids
It REALLY makes any eye color pop and just makes you look alert!
Co-workers have grown accustomed to me wearing this that when I DON’T add it to the morning routine, they now ask me if I am feeling ok hah!
I started out using MAC’s pencil white eyeliner {they tell me they can’t keep it in stock}
however, I honestly don’t like the texture of it…and bought a cheapy white pencil at my local CVS and LOVE it alot more! AND you save about $15 bucks!
A dolla makes me holla honey boo-boo!!
I swear by White eyeliner....makes thee eyes POP!
So ladies, make those lips and eyes pop!! 
I think those are 2 essential makeup go-to’s anyhow!!
2.  What could I spent ALL of my money on for my summer wardrobe?

No explanation needed – they’re just plain cute
I prefer the more dramatic looking ones
a low back, a huge wide leg, etc, etc
I recently bought the blue one.

jumpsuit               Need a jumpsuit.         Image 1 of ASOS Pleated Bust Jumpsuit
3.  What do I have my nose in?
The Message/The Remix by Eugene Peterson
I love. LOVE. Lurve. this bible!  I began to tire of going to church every morning and not being able to 
fully pay attention/grasp the sermon because I couldn’t really get a feel of what was being discussed due
to the wording in my bible….I think we’ve all been there?
That is until I came across this little gem at my local Borders book store.
It’s  fabulous! 
It has contemporary wording and it makes it fun to read and easier to digest…
I encourage you all to go out and purchase this bible, I promise that you will love it as much as I do…
a Pro?  Other than it being the Holy word?
It is such a fun size {and it’s pink, it also comes in a lavender} that I can tote it in my briefcase for work 
and even carry it in my LV 🙂
Do yourself a favor and look into this it has received fabulous reviews

4.  What do I use to smell all secksi?
My favorite scented lotion and perfume
I am obsessed with this little combo 
I am not a florally or fruity scent type of girl….I like the harder stuff 🙂
I often get asked what I wear, so here it is folks!
I take Twilight Woods lotion {Bath & Body Works} and then mix it with my signature go-to perfume, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
The combo smells fabulous together.

5.  Care for a drink?
Being single and going out with your girlfriends is quite interesting…
I have found, when you go to the bar to order there is usually always a guy lurking that would like to buy you a drink {who are we to deny?} I love they always want to buy you a “lemon drop” shot {which don’t get me wrong are pretty good} or some kind of drink that ends in “tini” ….
but hey, if you’re asking what I care to drink….
I recently went out with a group of girlfriends and this exact incident happened….all the girls did accept the fruit cocktails but I denied….the group of gentleman then started passing around shots of Makers
{NOW, we’re talking}
and jokingly asked us girls who was interested in taking one with them after a buddy of theirs tapped out
All the girls made the “blech face” but me?
Pass that stuff down, boys!
I had that shot downed before they did….
They immediately asked where I was from….
Oh yeah, I failed to mention this happened when I was out of state….
I replied with, LAND of the MAKERS….not just Kentucky but the Bourbon LAND 🙂

Being a born and bred southern girl I am very set in my ways when it comes to the adult bev.
I never liked the  fruity mixed cocktails {gasp, I know}
No margs for this girl, blech! Just way too sweet for me….
No, I am either a bourbon girl or white wine if you please {I don’t even like beer}
I like to call these the classier cocktails haha
Being a Kentucky girl, if I didn’t tell you that Makers Mark is the ONLY way to go then you would have every right to tell me that I am an impersonator and not the real KY deal here.
So do yourself and stay away from that Jim Beam….Makers Mark is the only way to go peeps!
It’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon
I actually bought these and threw in as gifts for girlfriends last year for a Kentucky theme!
If you know me, I am ALL about some Kentucky….duh.
Last year, I stumbled upon a new love… not my soul mate…
but a different kind….
One of my best friends travels a lot for work and bought me a bottle of her favorite wine from J Vineyard & Winery from Healdsburg, CA…
Pretty partial to my Cupcake Vineyards {which you should ALSO try}
I thought, I’ll try it…..
I have became HOOKED on this wine!! It is by far the BEST wine to ever cross my lips!
Please do yourselves a fav and buy a bottle of Brut Rose {it’s a sparkling white}
but make sure you have a buddy to share this with….I’m. Just. Sayin!

You will not be disappointed.

This wine has become my favorite! It’s yummy!
And the bottle is pretty cute TOO!
Composed of 64% Pinot Noir, 34% Chardonnay, and 2% Pinot Meunier, it is aged for nearly three years before release. Residual sugar is 1.15%.

Downfall They don’t deliver to Kentucky……

I hope you enjoyed some of my favs!
I could go on and on as it seems my life consists of one big list now-a-days!
AND I hope you will come check out my blog at the Kentucky Priss
I would LOVE to have you!!

V and I love to send little quotes and sayings throughout the course of the day, so I want to close this post with a good one!

Here you go…