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Girls Trip

About a month ago Ash and I went to see Laura in SC. We had so much fun we didn’t really take any pictures.. Here are some we did take, before we started drinking.


I hit up Dry Bar before hitting the road


Marg mix



before heading to the pool


me and L


Ash and me


3 of us


B was super excited to see me


he left a paw print on my leg..



prior to the trip i got blond-ified

Weekly Roundup and Random Things

Check out this post: My boobs don’t need your husband to see them: or, you probably think this pic is about you. The author of the original post is just an idiot. An insecure idiot. And their are other idiot women that agree with her. Wow. No words.

Along those same lines, I found this post, 27 times porn lied to us about sex in the real world, rather funny.

SO glad I found this post, Dear Men: This Is Why Women Have Every Right To Be Disgusted With Us, because yessssss, this is the shit women deal with!!!


I saw this on Lauren’s blog and thought I’d do it as well.

32 things that make me happy

1. laughing
2. My fur baby
3. friends
4. Brunch
5. Spring and summer

6. sleeping in
7. Scandal
8. finding funny pictures
9. when i fill in my eyebrows perfectly. yes, im that vain.
10. new makeup
11. facials, mani/pedi, massages. There’s just something about being pampered and rubbed that I really enjoy.
12. Guac
13.  relaxing at the pool
14. days off work!

15. fireworks

16. Fresh flowers
17. when i wake up in a good mood

18. feeling skinny
19. being productive
20. making lists 🙂
21. Chick-fil-a
22. Sparkles. 
If it shines, I want it. 
23. The beach.
The smell, the feel, the warmth.
24. adventure
25. men that wear cologne.
One of my neighbors seems to rarely be home. When he is, I can tell because he leaves a trace of cologne behind. ahhhh! I dont know him at all, but that smell.
26. freshly shaven everything.

27. orgasms.
28. Cupcakes.
Mine all mine. Not yours.
29. Traveling.
30. completing things on my bucket list
31. Candles.
32. facial scruff

Going Away Party

For me, it’s always the most unexpected friendships that are the best. Actually, all of my closest friends were unexpected friendships. Laura was no exception. Unfortunately she took a job in Columbia, SC and moved on Thursday. I remember the day we took a walk around Chastain Park and she was complaining about how much she hated her job that I told her I’d been praying for her because I knew how much she hated it. About a week or two later she told me about a job offer. Well, that was fast.

I text her today on my way to the doctor to see how her move went since I was MIA on Friday. She told me she was nervous because she knew she was good at her old job, but what if she’s not good at this one? So like any good friend, I gave her a pep talk.

Last Saturday Gretchen, a friend, Laura and myself got together for one last Atlanta night out..


Last pic as an Atlanta resident with the moose. I swear I’m not grabbing myself..


Kissey faces, obvs


Our friend Carey, me, and Laura


No idea what I was saying to him


Gretchen and Laura


Gretchen’s friend Lisa and me


Group shot


G and me


Carey with his fav girls


me and Laura. Going to miss her so much! I’m so happy that she is out of the situation she was in though. I know she also wanted to be closer to her family, and she is about an hour away from them now.

Oh and I got a hair cut and more blonde earlier last Saturday along with my brows done and microderm. Yay! Fun pamper day.


Christmas Wish List

Christmas is something like 35 days away.. I’ve created a wish list of things I want, that will also make for perfect gifts for any woman.. You’re welcome.

Pretty Little Things


1. / 2. / 3.


PicMonkey Collage

1. / 2.

PicMonkey Collage

3. / 4.


5. / 6.


7. / 8.





1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.



1. / 2. / 3.


PicMonkey Collage

1. / 2. / 3. / 4.


5. / 6. / 7. / 8.

Wish List

Every year for my birthday I spoil buy myself presents. When you don’t have a S.O., why not?? This year was special because not only did my dad’s house finally sell, it’s the year I turn 30! Natch, I spoiled myself a little extra.

I usually have a hard time coming up with things to tell my friends to get me. My wish list tends to be expensive, and I just can’t ask my friends to buy me stuff that’s expensive. I usually end up saying to just get me a gift card, that way I can spend it how I like, especially if I get a few of them. I have however come up with a birthday wish list. Here are a few items on it. You know you’re getting old when your birthday wish list contains furniture. 😉

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.11.53 PM

2 of these chairs

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.19.52 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.22.09 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.23.24 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.24.06 PM









pink suede shoes






red patent shoes


mesh dress

New Picture


September Bucket List Completions

Buy a designer purse (diff color than pictured)


Get a passport


Own a pair of Christian Louboutins


See Kelly Clarkson in concert (we arrived late and only heard her sing 2 songs :()



Fox Brother’s BBQ


Fat Matt’s Rib Shack


If You Really Knew Me

Last weekend I went shopping with my bestie to buy myself a 30th birthday present. Our last stop was the Michael Kors store where I found two bags that I liked. The bags were the same color, the same price, only the detailing was different. I couldn’t figure out which bag I liked more. One bag had 3 compartments with a zipper in the middle, separating the two sides. The other bag was a little smaller but had a cute tassel on the handle. I’m such an organized freak that I loved the bigger bag with the three compartments, but I really loved the smaller bag with the tassel too.

I asked Ashley for her opinion and she liked the smaller bag with the tassel. She thought the bigger bag was a little plain. So I’m standing there in front of the mirror with a bag on each arm trying to figure out which bag I like the best, when the sales lady comes over to help me. She asked if I was trying to decide which bag I liked and I told her I was. Another customer walked by and she told me she liked the bigger bag with the compartments the best. The sales lady, who looks to be around 24 tells me that she also likes the bigger bag. I call Ashley over and tell her that they both like the bigger bag. She reminds me that I’ll be the one carrying it so I should get whatever bag I like the best.

With Ashely and the sales lady standing there, waiting for me to just pick a bag already!, the sales lady says that I seem pretty conservative, so she would go with the bigger bag. Ashley dies laughing and says, “seems conservative, if you only knew her!” and walks off. The sales lady gives me a questioning look and I tell her that yes, while I appear to be conservative, if she knew my personality she would know that, in fact, I am not in a lot of ways. To that she responded with, “Well what ever you’re doing, keep doing it because it’s working for you!”. haha Love her!

I get told that all the time. I get some version of conservative, quiet, sweet, innocent.. Is it because I have a baby face and look like I’m 23? If you really knew me, you’d know that I am not quiet, I am not that conservative, and I am definitely not that innocent. Not at 29 years old. I like to call it being a realist.

Like Luda says, we want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. 😉

Sugar Gel Hair Removal?

I came across an ad for sugar gel hair removal in Simply Buckhead magazine while picking up cupcakes for a friend. The sugar gel hair removal part caught my eye.. Check out their website, they even have a cute little Buckhead theme song! “The Beverly Hills of the East”.


Unique Threading & Body Waxing is the only place in Atlanta to offer sugar gel hair removal. It’s a form of hair removal that is similar to waxing, but its much more gentle and less painful (so they say) to endure, and it also requires a higher level of skill to perform. They offer a Brazilian wax at $30 and eyebrow threading at $8.

Specializing In:

  • Eyebrow threading
  • Brazilian body waxing
  • Herbal facials
  • Henna tattoos
  • Sugar gel waxing

Check out their website for more info.

Do Me

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years!


You know how you always hear people throw around the word Resolution towards the end of the year, and how 9 times out of 10 its to lose weight? Well, I’m a little different. Sure, I could lose 10-15lbs.. I {try} to become a better version of myself daily. Some times I fail miserably and some times I succeed. Luckily each day is a new beginning and all you can do is put your best foot forward.

Those of you that have followed my old blog and this one know that I’ve had my share of ups and downs. This past year was definitely a roller coaster . Over my 29 years on Earth I have learned a lot about myself; my faith, my heart, and my mind. I try to live in the moment because you only get one chance at this thing called life, and when it’s over, GAME OVER.


With that being said, this year’s resolution is to not only be a better me, but for me to DO me. Do what I want. Accomplish my goals. Don’t let any thing or any one stand in my way. This is The Year of the Bucket List. I’m going to be in the front row with my hands in the air and hair blowing in the wind. Or my hair blowing in the wind while I scream and grasp on for dear life. All I can do is get on for the ride.

With the death of my dad came many emotions. I think maybe the greatest lessons I’ve (re)learned are:

1) hold on tight to those that I know without a shadow of a doubt love and cherish me, while showing them how much they mean to me; and

2) I am the only person that will have my best interests at heart.

I have some phenomenal friends that keep me grounded, and for that I am thankful. I am pretty lucky to also have a boss that is like a father figure to me and gives me the best advice and truly does look out for me. In the last few months I feel lucky enough to have two father figures at work. Sometimes we don’t get along, but we have become a little family. (This year will mark my 6th year). I feel very blessed to have friends that I can ask, “Will this choice take me down a path I will regret?” and they will give me the 100% truth. I’ve always felt closer to my friends than my family which is why I cherish them so much.

I think I may have gone off on a tangent… You get my point though. The whole idea behind a Bucket List is to live, experience, and have great stories to tell. That’s what I want {to continue} this year. I don’t see any one or any thing standing in my way, and that, my friends, is a wonderful feeling.

Here’s to 2013!



Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was nice and relaxing. I baked a ton of goodies for a few friends and mostly relaxed. Here are the cookies I made.


Soft almond sugar cookies via


Pudding Cookies via


White chocolate topped gingerbread cookies via



Christmas meltaways via

For the BF I made whiskey salted caramels via


Everyone loved the cookies and caramels! I took a few of each to work because I had a lot left over, even after I sampled each. One note on the pudding cookies – that recipe will make about 5-6 batches. I highly recommend either freezing half or cutting the recipe in half.

Along with all the baked goods the presents I got for each friend I decided to wrap with some good old Pinterest inspiration.



Most of my packages looked like this..


via I changed this version up by using brown paper packaging and red ribbon. The custom made initial cards turned out really cute!

On Friday the BF and I had our Christmas. The original plan was to meet up and exchange gifts and have dinner. He surprised me with a text earlier that day asking if I wanted to get a hotel room for the night. UM YES! YES I DO!! I met him at the hotel around 8 and he had champagne, my favorite flowers, and caramel truffles waiting for me. SO SWEET!!!! I was blown away. I’m one of those girls that loves romance and sweet gestures, so he definitely earned a ton of points with this one.

We exchanged gifts, ordered room service, had great conversation and even took advantage of the huge tub and shower. It was such a nice stay-cation. I am such a lucky girl!! So blessed.

Christmas List – Beauty Edition

Sephora Haul

Since it’s my birthday month, I’ve been showered with some free gifts from some of my favorite stores. One of those stores is Sephora. Every year {since signing up for a points card} they send out a card telling you to come in for your free birthday gift. I live pretty close to a mall so I stopped by with a friend of mine when she needed mascara.

My free gift was a little pack of two Fresh sugar lip treatements. I don’t really know many people that use Fresh products, but upon using the products, I fell in love. The lip treatement is so smooth and soft. I actually like it better than my Bert’s Bees!

It has a subtle citrus scent that I love. It blends reparative oils and waxes with real sugar for a super smooth feel. It has replaced my Bert’s in my purse. I do however have three places I keep my chapsticks. My desk at work, makeup desk at home, and my purse. You should check it out in store. The packge also came with a tinted lip moistureizer that I liked.

Not a bad gift considering they are about $22.50 each.

Of course upon checking out they tell you how many points you’ve earned based on how much money you’ve spent, and they show you the free gift based on the points you have. This time it was a little set of two lip glosses and a lip stick. I tried the colors and instantly loved them. The best part was they were free and mini!

Buxom Lip Cream in White Russian

This is a nude pink color that adds a little shine, plump and tingle to your natural lips.

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Dolly

This is my favorite out of the three. Its a muted plum color that just adds the perfect amount of color to your natural lips while adding a little plump.

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Brooklyn

Until I looked this up on Sephora’s website, I thought it was actually a lip liner. Oops? Whatever, It’s nice! I would compare it to Clinique’s chubby stick. Per the website, it works three full-time jobs—it defines the shape of lips like a liner, fills them in with creamy velvet color, and then plumps them to their full buxom potential – so I was half right.

Go check some of these out!


Happy Friday!! I don’t know about you guys but the last couple of weeks here have been cray. My only down time is on the weekends, and with it now being my Birthday MONTH, my weekends are filled. I need a breather!

Last weekend I I went to the mall with L. We met a crazy dog lady. No joke.

 This is Chloe (yes she has her own blog, why wouldn’t she?!). The lady had a matching blue sweater on and basically said she color coordinated all of their outfits. She also makes Chloe’s outfits. Then she pulled out a photo album of her dog in all these elaborate outfits. Chloe even has her own room. Yes, you read that right. Chloe was SO sweet and I even got to hold her!

Now no one can EVER say that I’m obsessed with my dog. EVER.

After the mall trip we made a stop by Target. L found this funny card.

LOL have a great weekend!

Attention Whore

I love my little baby. I think he is the cutest thing ever. Love how he slowly gets closer and closer.. haha I was eating Chinese the other night and he kept inching his way closer after I was done.
Sitting on the couchWalking to the other one that I’m onMid-lickNotice his paws on my kneesAhhh that’s more like it mom! Notice I am trying to read. Ah, Yorkies..attention whores.

Hair Cut

I blogged about my new hair people a few weeks ago. I love them! I think I am going to go shorter on the 15th. What do you think??


That would be Rachel Taylor if she looks familiar to you. I love the side swept bangs.

Best Sister Ever

I have the best sister ever. Not just because she buys me things… Okay, that too. But seriously? She really is awesome. She gets me better than anyone and I can give her a look and she knows what I’m thinking without saying anything.

A few weeks ago I told her I wanted some gold balls TWSS and she mailed them to me!


Here they are on!


The past month we have really needed each other. I’m so glad that we went through ups and downs together. I can’t think of a better person to spend that time with. When she couldn’t stop crying, I made her laugh. I’m sure I annoyed the hell out of her at times but I wouldn’t trade this last month with her for anything! Oh and she also gave me these Stella & Dot earrings bc her ears are too sensitive. Win!


Thank you for being born awesome! I love you!

Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I am SO happy to see you!

Dear pool, I will see you on Saturday, possibly Sunday too. Bring. It. On.

Dear Ivy, thank you for having bottomless mimosas on Sundays until 5PM. GENIUS idea!

Dear Bentley, You look like a handsome boy with your summer cut! Thank you for not hating me when I made you get shots AND a hair cut this week. I love when you cuddle up with me on the couch and allll night during the night like a wittle baby when you get a hair cut.

Dear dude in PetSmart, I would have totally stolen your 7 week old Yorkie if you would have let me hold him. So glad I didn’t ask. Silver bracelets on both wrists aren’t really my thing.

Dear Sara, thank you for always making me laugh!!!


Dear G, I’m so happy you moved closer! I love having über cool girl friends to hang out with.

Dear J. Crew, thank you for having this awesome leopard print scarf. I have been looking for one for a long time.


Dear guy in China, thank you for selling this necklace for $15 when the same one is at J. Crew for $150! Can’t wait to wear it, especially to football games!


Dear God, as always, please bring me my husband. Or, at least help me have more patience while he walks..from Africa. 🙂

New hair

The last time I had my hair done I wasn’t happy with it. To me it looked like a very gold blonde. I hated it so much I went back to my friend to have her put toner on it. Afterwards I still wasn’t happy so I began asking around. The one thing about living in the A is that hair stylists aren’t cheap. My goal was to find someone that was close to me and that wasn’t going to break the bank.

I made an appointment with Stacy and Josh at Shearious by the recommendation of a friend. I was a little nervous because I am anal about my hair. I absolutely loved them! Stacy did heavy foils on and was so sweet. Josh cut my hair and kept me laughing the entire time. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Josh is such a perfectionist, which I love. He wouldn’t let me leave without my hair looking perfect.

I wasn’t planning on cutting my hair but after talking to Josh I decided that I’d let him cut me a bob. I fell in love with it! I’ve also had a ton of compliments on it, even from guys, so you know it looks good!! If you’re looking for a new place to go or want to switch it up, you should check them out! Just don’t make it difficult for me to get an appointment!

I can’t wait to see them again. We all hugged it out at the end too!






Friday’s Letters

Dear Friday, I am SO happy to see your face!

Dear Subway cookies, why are you so yummy?

Dear Jillian Michaels, I love you and hate you at the same time. Thank you for making tough workouts with quick results.

Dear bank account, I love when you fill yourself up. Please do it more often.

Dear Express, thank you for having an amazing sale. I went in for a pair of shorts and walked out with a makeup bag, shorts, 4 tank tops and one shirt.

Dear Limited, sorry but you lose this round. It’s rare I go to Express but I wasn’t even tempted by you.

Dear Limited, Boo on you for not having a large in the belt I want. I wanted to wear it around my hips. The small AND medium I ORDERED didn’t work.

Dear Tobi, thank you for not emailing me this week with items I “needed”.

Dear stomach, I LOVE when you feel skinny. Like what’s her face said, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Dear girl friends, I’m excited to spend QT with you this weekend!

Dear new hair people, please don’t F up my hair. You’re much closer in location than the other place I used and I need you to make me look GEWD for this upcoming week!

Dear God, thank you for every experience. Good and bad I always take something from it. Also, thanks for giving me motivation.

Dear guy friend, thank you for noticing and telling me you noticed I’ve slimmed down. I love your face off.

Dear Bentley, I love your face off too! You are so weird when you eat and it cracks me up. Must film for blog. Please don’t hate me on Sunday when I take you to get your shots.


Ashley at Run with Me always writes out her confessions on Tuesdays, and since I love that idea, I’m stealing borrowing it. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to do this, I will more than likely forget. We’ll see how it goes.

– I confess that I felt weirded out when I went into VS over the weekend to try on bikinis. The woman leading me into the dressing room was asking what size bra I wore. I told her and she immediately checked out my rack. Awkward. She told me she never would have guessed my size (she was thinking bigger) and asked if I had on a push-up strapless bra.  

 – I confess that I bought the Mia Clarasonic in hopes of returning it because I have the Olay $30 version of it. Boy was I wrong. The cheap version is nothing like the Mia. With the Olay one, the whole head spins. With the Mia, the head vibrates (TWSS!) and its easier to clean your face and get the area under your eyes and nose. 

– I confess that I wash my face with a washcloth before using the Mia. I only do this because I am crazy OCD about the bristles on the brush not looking dirty.

– I confess that even though now I technically wash my face twice, a little makeup still comes off on the Mia. What’s that tell you that your wash cloth is doing?!

– I confess that I bought my dog some doggy stairs for my bed. Since I got the new one, it’s much higher off the ground.

 – I confess that he hasn’t learned how to use them yet, may possibly be terrified of them, so I held him and pushed him up them. When he jumped down TWICE in the night, I picked him back up off the ground instead of letting him figure the stairs out. Mom fail.

New Makeup

I went to MAC on Sunday since I had 6 empty MAC containers, I decided to take them in to get my free lipstick. I saw Crosswires on a blog and thought it was so pretty. It’s pretty popular because one of the stores was sold out. If you like a little bit of subtle color, you need to try this!
Another sold-out item that I liked was this highlighter in Superb. I feel weird about putting a liquid highlighter on (think Benefit’s High Beam) so I knew I wanted to try some form of cream or powder.
How it should look on your skin…(look between the eye and where blush would be applied)
While I was there I tried on a few red lipsticks because I love how red looks on blondes. (Jess) My MAC girl at Lenox inside Bloomingales, Noor, put MAC Red on me. It could be because she lined my lips and overdrew them slightly (on purpose), but I wasn’t sold on it. It was too stand-out for me. A friend of mine told me several months ago that a color I loved on her was by Clinique, called Angel Red. She has thin lips, blonde hair and fair skin like me, so I knew I needed to try it.
A few weeks ago I was at MAC with a friend and we decided to stop and see Noor. Brittani (another fav MAC girl – it’s bad when I know them personally!) had on this color and I thought it was so pretty. Such a gorgeous color of peach for the Spring and Summer. Every one loved it on me, so I bought it. I love how smooth it goes on, you definitely don’t need lip gloss with this one!

Happy Birthday Boo!

Happy Birthday to my baby, B!
He is 8 years old today. What an old man! He brings so much love and joy to me every day, I cannot imagine my life without him. I need him to live forever. Here are some pictures of him over the 8 years.
Asleep on the car ride, yes he’s on the arm rest! haha
With my old room mate’s dog, Harley

One of my fav pics of us in the park

His Santa outfit

Woken up from a nap

Just being his usual cute self

My protector

Love that little face to pieces!!

Christmas at Grandpa’s

I was telling my sister the other day that any time I really didn’t want him all up in my space, he was (like when I’m reading a book). Any time I try to hug him and smash him, he acts like he doesn’t want me to. Maybe it has something to do with the smashing part?? 🙂
Taking him to the park tomorrow and getting him a cupcake or a cookie tonight!
OH! I almost forgot.. yesterday I had soup and cornbread from Whole Foods. They sell cornbread by the LB, and I couldn’t eat all of it. I decided not to be wastful and take it home. When I got home I put my purse on the floor and went to use the bathroom. My normal routine.
I came out of the bathroom and saw the cornbread that I wrapped in a napkin and taped, out of my purse and him going to town on it. He was so into it, he didn’t even budge when I walked near him (something he normally does). ha! lil shit

If I Won the Lottery..

Just about everyone knows that the jackpot for the lottery was massive this past Friday. I saw Katie post what she would do if she won the lottery. I thought it was a fun idea, so I decided to play along too!

Side note: I’ve never played the lottery. Not because of beliefs or anything, I just didn’t grow up with a family that played, so I’ve never bought a ticket. Besides, I definitely need someone to go in there with me so I don’t look like a total idiot when I actually DO play. I will eventually, it’s on my bucket list!

In no particular order..

* Buy a Lexus IS F

* While I’m at it, buy a Range Rover Evoque

* Buy a house
* Have a wedding

* Travel abroad – London, Fiji, Bora Bora, France, Ireland, Africa, Greese, Australia, Egypt..

* Go on a massive shopping spree – clothes, bags, jewelry, shoes, makeup..
* Hire a personal trainer so I can look like this:
* Hire a personal chef so I don’t have to cook if I don’t want to
* Invest
* Help raise money for local charities (and give)
* Start a college fund for my future kids
That’s all I can think of for now..

Flawless Date Makeup

Happy Leap Day!!

Tiffany D has one of the best vlog channels for makeup. I love the makeup look she did in this video. Check it out. I now have the Bare Minerals on my list of makeup to try! Also, she raves about that mascara, so I think I need to check that out too, yes?

Products she used:
Tarte Lifted eye primer
Bare Minerals Ready Eye Shadow Palette in The Truth
Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
Smashbox Blush in Flush
Too Faced Candelight
MAC Clear Lip Conditioner
MAC Lip Pencil in Dervish
not shown in video:
Bare Minerals Foundation
Bare Minerals Warmth
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Blonde
Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara

How To Get Good Hair

I never really thought about my hair dryer making my hair feel like straw. That is, until I decided to buy a new one. I always figured that it was the blonde making my hair dry. (It helps..) My ;hair guru suggested that I buy a ;higher end hair dryer since I’ve tried some really good deep conditioners. ;She suggested I try the CHI.

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to check out their supply (hello 20% off coupons that never expire). Luckily they had some CHIs! This is the one I bought.

CHI Air Pro Expert Ceramic Hair Dryer

This sounds crazy, but I went out and bought it at lunch. It was misty outside so I ran home to test out my new dryer. YES, I am that girl. Since my hair was mostly dry, I didn’t really notice a difference. What I did notice was the noise it was making. It was SO much quieter than my other dryer! It literally sounded like it wasn’t going to screw my hair up. I would compare it to driving a 2001 car and then test driving a 2012 car. Seriously. I was so excited I called my sister turned both dryers on so she could hear them.

Here is a pic of my hair after only blowing it dry with the CHI.

Here is a pic of my hair after only blowing it dry with my old dryer.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. RUN get a better hair dryer!!! Yes it is more money, but it will actually save you money in the long run. Especially if you have damaged hair!

Unfortunately this is not a product endorsement, just my opinion. If CHI wants to SEND ME A FREE one, I’d be more than happy to accept! 😉

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