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Celeb sighting

It’s not every day you see one of the guys you work with walking Rick Ross out to his car.


October Bucket List Completions





Highland Bakery (no pic)

Farm to Ladle


Kaleidoscope (no pic)

Buttermilk Kitchen


December Bucket List Completions

Third day at the new job and I already marked one place off of my restaurant bucket list! I love when the boss says, “Happy Hour is at 4:30, you should come!” when your hours are 9:30-6.

St. Cecilia



Thursday was blissful. It was my first official day of not being employed by a company I’d worked at for almost 8 years. All of my close friends are probably more happy than me. They don’t have to hear me cry and complain and torture myself anymore. It was like Mel Gibson in Braveheart: “FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM!!!”

Sometimes it blows me away when God answers my prayers. He doesn’t always answer in the way I prefer and then sometimes He goes above and beyond. He really outdid himself with my new job. It started out with me not really wanting to go to the interview, and before the interview was over, I wanted it. Everything aligned so perfectly it was like He created it specifically for me. The company exceeded my expectations and I was teary-eyed. What a showoff. 😉

In the middle of my search, LinkedIn kept sending random emails along with people that wanted to connect to me. The two below were interesting reads.

Fun Links and Tom Ford

This Beer Buddy Budweiser commercial is awesome.

27 awkward cake moments

Ever wondered what Pinterest’s offices looked like? Wonder no more.

Ever since NYFW I’ve become obsessed with designer Tom Ford. Not his brand, but him personally. Talk about HOT!


I found an article on him that describes him perfectly…

Women were personally bewitched by him, the straightest gay man alive: In the way that gay men dream of getting hot straight guys to play on the other team, women are enticed by Ford because his heavy-duty flirting encourages the fantasy that he could fall for you. “I feel,” he says breathily, “that I am keyed into the female consciousness.”

Another reason I love him..

At 45, Ford is still the only handsome male fashion designer, with perfect stubble, manicured nails, and not an ounce of fat: “When my clothes are getting tight, that’s not a sign to me that I need to go to another size—it’s a reminder that I have to stop eating, or suffer,” he explains. He has been scrutinized for signs of a toupee, Restylane, and lifted shoes. However, the Tom Ford chest hair remains in fine form, a forest of manliness barely concealed by a polo shirt, usually with merely three or four buttons undone.

Then I read this article on him and his husband. The way he describes his husband’s eyes… I agree, I’m bewitched by him.


That is one smokin’ hot all manly, man.

Weekly Roundup and Random Things

Check out this post: My boobs don’t need your husband to see them: or, you probably think this pic is about you. The author of the original post is just an idiot. An insecure idiot. And their are other idiot women that agree with her. Wow. No words.

Along those same lines, I found this post, 27 times porn lied to us about sex in the real world, rather funny.

SO glad I found this post, Dear Men: This Is Why Women Have Every Right To Be Disgusted With Us, because yessssss, this is the shit women deal with!!!


I saw this on Lauren’s blog and thought I’d do it as well.

32 things that make me happy

1. laughing
2. My fur baby
3. friends
4. Brunch
5. Spring and summer

6. sleeping in
7. Scandal
8. finding funny pictures
9. when i fill in my eyebrows perfectly. yes, im that vain.
10. new makeup
11. facials, mani/pedi, massages. There’s just something about being pampered and rubbed that I really enjoy.
12. Guac
13.  relaxing at the pool
14. days off work!

15. fireworks

16. Fresh flowers
17. when i wake up in a good mood

18. feeling skinny
19. being productive
20. making lists 🙂
21. Chick-fil-a
22. Sparkles. 
If it shines, I want it. 
23. The beach.
The smell, the feel, the warmth.
24. adventure
25. men that wear cologne.
One of my neighbors seems to rarely be home. When he is, I can tell because he leaves a trace of cologne behind. ahhhh! I dont know him at all, but that smell.
26. freshly shaven everything.

27. orgasms.
28. Cupcakes.
Mine all mine. Not yours.
29. Traveling.
30. completing things on my bucket list
31. Candles.
32. facial scruff

What Are You Looking For?


One thing I love about blogging is that I can see different types of stats on what draws people to this little old blog. There’s a program that allows you to find out: what search engine visitors are coming from, what phrase or word were typed in, their IP address, number of visitors for a particular month, what page was visited, what day, how long the visitor was on each page, what country they are from (what up people from China [it came in at #2]), operating system, where the visitor connected from, etc. Cool, right? Here are some things I found interesting..

exciting blog entry

Key phrases used on search engines:

  • oct 2013 why do men stare at your boobs
  • rules.for.being amazing
  • my ex is a prick
  • latte colored shoes shoe glitter spray
  • vimeo videos women models in garter belts and stockings
  • pics of clothing stores and heels a transgender can shop in northern ky
  • helicopter ride to sweetwater brewery
  • brush mac short shader 214
  • male yorkie shaved hair 6 months
  • sole matters life in heels blog
  • changed supernaturally and put into a dress and heels for sexual fun

How in the hell did some of the people find my blog?! ha! Crazy how those things work.

Going Away Party

For me, it’s always the most unexpected friendships that are the best. Actually, all of my closest friends were unexpected friendships. Laura was no exception. Unfortunately she took a job in Columbia, SC and moved on Thursday. I remember the day we took a walk around Chastain Park and she was complaining about how much she hated her job that I told her I’d been praying for her because I knew how much she hated it. About a week or two later she told me about a job offer. Well, that was fast.

I text her today on my way to the doctor to see how her move went since I was MIA on Friday. She told me she was nervous because she knew she was good at her old job, but what if she’s not good at this one? So like any good friend, I gave her a pep talk.

Last Saturday Gretchen, a friend, Laura and myself got together for one last Atlanta night out..


Last pic as an Atlanta resident with the moose. I swear I’m not grabbing myself..


Kissey faces, obvs


Our friend Carey, me, and Laura


No idea what I was saying to him


Gretchen and Laura


Gretchen’s friend Lisa and me


Group shot


G and me


Carey with his fav girls


me and Laura. Going to miss her so much! I’m so happy that she is out of the situation she was in though. I know she also wanted to be closer to her family, and she is about an hour away from them now.

Oh and I got a hair cut and more blonde earlier last Saturday along with my brows done and microderm. Yay! Fun pamper day.


Career Change

Have you ever thought about switching careers but didn’t know what else you wanted to do? That’s where the What Career Should You Actually Have quiz comes in handy. Here are the results I got when I took it..

You are an artist, creative juices are oozing out of you. You’d make just as good of a designer as you would an architect, as long as you get to create something. You live your life like Michelangelo, constantly looking for the sculpture within the stone. Other occupations: architect, editor.


I’m a little late on my Grammy post. I’ve been working my ass off at work. Thank God there was a snow day yesterday and I was able to catch up on some of my DVR…

If you watched the Grammys you say Bey and Jay open the show.

So many people are bashing her because it was 8PM and she should be a role model. Uh, do you not remember Brit, Madonna and Christina kissing a few years ago, or Miley accepting an award talking about smoking pot, or her performance with Robin Thicke? Bey looked hot! Reminded me of the time I performed a lap dance for a bf. Only Bey doesn’t get nervous in front of a crowd. The song is called Drunk In Love and she performed it with her husband. Haters gone hate.

Another amazing performance was Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons. Wow.

Even if you don’t like the music, you have to appreciate the show they put on. They brought it.

Another performer that brought it, Pink. Home girl has one impressive body. I can’t even imagine how much strength she has to be able to do that.

I can’t forget to mention Maclemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Madonna featuring Queen Latifah. Wow. Talk about going down in history. I saw an interview that Ryan Lewis gave saying that his sister was one of the couples that got married. How awesome. Also, did you catch Keith Urban with tears? Love!


To read my first post click here.
When Ashley and I went to the medium/psychic, I knew I would want to record what she said or have Ashley write it down. I knew I’d be in the moment and by the time I left I wouldn’t remember a lot of what she said, especially if I was focusing on one particular thing.
She started off with a prayer and then went right into it… She did most of the talking and she stated facts without asking a lot of questions. If she asked a question, she would press on before I could answer, and she was always correct. Here’s how it went..
Her: Are you moving?
Me: noooo..
Her: They are showing me marriage. They don’t usually push that this early in.. You will meet someone in 4-6 months, dark hair, about 5’10”, broad hands, strong, muscular arms. Possibly a wedding next fall? I see you holding hands. He has on a plaid button down shirt.
As far as your career…you feel like you have hit a dead end, want change. You are creative with many things.. clothes, furniture, people? Mental health field possibly…a counselor?  You must follow your dreams to reach your greatness. (Then she says that Ashley, who went first, and I are both very altruistic and parallel…like sisters, we’ve shared many lifetimes and roles together.) You would be good at writing, art therapy.
Her: Do friends come to you asking for relationship advice?
Me: yes.
Her: You give good advice don’t you?
Me: yes.
Her: Good, I don’t like when people try to act like they aren’t good at something. You’re more of a people person and sterile offices are not for you. You would be good working with abused children/women.
Her: Has someone close to you been abused?
Her: Okay, my guides told me it was you, but I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. It happened in your childhood and you tend to judge yourself by this. It’s very powerful and makes you feel unworthy of being loved, you see it as your fault, but you were powerless. Your father is here. He loves you greatly and says he is sorry. This is actually a great blessing for you because it will lead you to your greatness. It will be your motivation to help others, and you will have an understanding of how they operate, see them through the therapy process. You have empathy for them.  This has set you up for your destiny.  You are sad for the child of your past, and sad for the adult you are now, but to reach your higher self work, you must forgive the perpetrator.  I want you to understand this, before we come to earth, we choose our parents… You needed someone to play the mother that looks the other way and the father that does the deed. It has caused a great disquiet.  The man that is back there, is your father.  He is pointing at himself saying he did it, he is crying and saying he is sorry. He is professional, good looking, sandy brown hair, kept himself up, nice hands, he is so sorry he couldn’t make it right with you before he died.  He feels guilty still.  He came to you recently in a dream.
Do you have a temper?  He came to you at work to keep you from losing your temper and he brought love to you at work. Your guides and angels are your team and they help you to work out your blueprint and keep you safe.  He was there in your office and he will be there for you.  You were saying “how was I able to calm down?”  It was because of him.  He brought angels with him. He was standing to your left because he wanted his hand near your heart. He had his hand on your shoulder.
The past is not an accident and because of it, you are a great listener but you shut yourself down so you don’t have to feel other’s pain.  You are an “empath” and feel like sometimes the pain that other’s feel is too hard to handle, but you need to give in to it. It is a great gift.
Your dad wants you to find peace with this.  She (the medium/psychic) can see me meditating, like with white lights, call in my team, also archangel Rapheal, candles, chakras, flower of lotus.  It is like a trap door…call him to you, tell him  you forgive him and you love him and thank him for what he has set up for you.
You will work with some horrific cases of abuse.  People benefit from forgiving others.  Your dad says you are a chip off the old block and he adores you.
I asked about the significance to number 32. I saw the number as a cloud on the way to his burial or funeral. Your dad is laughing, he said it is a puzzle.  She doesn’t get anything.  He tells her you are worried about him.  Sadness of grief, more at that time and you feel a lack of closure.  He says don’t worry we’ll both be ok and both will have peace. It is the combination of 3 and 2 into 5 or something.  Nothing stands out to her. Is it a date or and age or the 32nd something? March 2?  5 letters in word never.  5 words in phrase…you will never be alone.  Your adult life you have felt very alone.  You told him you want him to walk you down the aisle.  He will be at your wedding.  His spirit is very protective of you.  He says it (the number) is a date.

Me: Will I have kids?

Her: You are asking because you think that is what a woman “should” do.  You will be in a great relationship and it will be easy for you not to have kids if you don’t want to have them.  You will become so involved in your work and you don’t have a hard and fast contract to have kids.  You will get your fulfillment from work and won’t experience any regret about not having children, but you may wind up adopting…possibly an abused child.  Not a blood relation and you will bring them up in a right and better situation.  No strong need for you to have a child from your womb.  Don’t push yourself to have kids. Your ambivilence about children could be because you will adopt.


and that was that. everything that she said happened truly did. which blew me away. ..

Finding Happiness

This. Is. Perfection.


Finding Happiness In Your 20s


That’s the perfect word to describe how I feel.


In mid October Ashley went on a ghost tour on a date. She text me telling me that she saw a ghost. She asked the tour guide to describe the man she saw, and the guide described his height and the way his hands looked. Ashley saw a man with a hat on and long white fingers that moved, so when the guide mentioned that, she got a little freaked out. She asked the guide to describe the man because she wanted confirmation that what she saw was the ghost of this man.  When she told me the guide was a medium I told her I would defriend her if she didn’t get that lady’s information.

We each spent 45 minutes with her last night. I plan on doing a post going over the things she covered while talking to me, but that will be for another day. She brought up things dealing with my past and my dad. Things that there is no way she had any idea of knowing. I’ve always been a little skeptic of psychics and anything of that nature, but as she was reading me and talking to spirits, I found myself almost in tears because of the things she was telling me.

Last night was like going through years of therapy. I can vouch for that because I went through years of therapy when I was little. I am still trying to process everything she told me and make sense of it all. I felt a multitude of emotions. Each time I think of one specific thing she mentioned, I feel like I could burst into tears. I felt like that drying my hair this morning as I was getting ready for work, and three times throughout the day.

I am glad that I was able to have this experience. I think it will really help me in dealing with my dad’s death. Dealing with someone’s death is never an easy thing, especially when the relationship wasn’t exactly… easy. That’s the only word that I can think of to describe our relationship, and that’s not the word I want to use.. I think that a lot of people can’t even begin to grasp that understanding until they lose someone they care about. Something that I feel like my bosses have a hard time understanding actually…

I will post an update in a few days. Ashley took notes for me so that I wouldn’t miss anything if I was in the moment with her, and I did the same for her. I’m just waiting for her to type them up for me so that I don’t miss anything.

Wealth Inequality in America

Mind. Blown.


Three Ohhh

My 30th didn’t start out great.


Let me back up by saying that M accidentally emailed me Sept. 30. He sent a reminder for my birthday instead of an invitation when he set up his Google calendar.  So, that was fun.

See, logically I shouldn’t think about him or talk about him or miss him. I do though. I find myself saying things like “well Matt used to do X that was so funny” or something like that. When I tore him a new one emailed him around Easter, I purged everything. I was hurt to the core, and I let him know that. So why aren’t my head and heart on the same page?? That’s an excellent question. One I pray about daily.

I can deal with my feelings, but having him contact me is an entirely new level of confusing that I can’t wrap my head around. Of course all the old feelings came to surface, and I let him know. He said I mindfucked him. Because I woke up that morning knowing he’d email me..

As I was driving home from my picnic with the bestie for her birthday, I saw an email from him. My first thought was OMG STOP EMAILING ME REMINDERS!! Then I realized that it was an actual email he typed out. I read it, picked my place up a bit, got ready for bed, and then figured out my response. My response received no response, which I think hurt more than the initial email.

I woke up on my birthday confused and sad. As I was thinking about things tears streamed down my face and I began praying again. Why can he affect me this way? Why am I not over this already? What is the bigger picture here? What am I missing? PLEASE show me what all this means because I can’t take this back and forth limbo anymore. It’s very frustrating.


I started cleaning my place up for company arriving later and took things to storage. When I took a break from all the cleaning, tears streamed down my face again. You’re not supposed to cry on your birthday! I decided I would not let it get to me and it would not ruin my birthday, especially my 30th. I’d already had one ex ruin my 21st. I began cleaning again and around that time the bestie showed up. Thank God for that angel. She brought me a mini cake and some champagne for us to toast to. I gave her a hug after she put her stuff down and she told me NO TEARS! Not anymore. I love that she gets it. She gets the tears, the anger, the frustration, the sadness, the whole picture.

After the toast we got lunch, got a mani/pedi and our hair done. What a great way to spend your 30th. Being pampered with your best friend. After getting our hair done we headed to my place to get ready for the evening. I planned a small dinner with close friends, then dancing. I have never had so many people flake out of plans in my life.


The older I get, the more I realize who I can and cannot count on to be there for me. In the past I have allowed myself to become upset when I realized I couldn’t count on someone. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or everything I have been through in the last year, but recently I have had the whatever attitude towards people when I realize that I can’t count on them. I tend to hold my friends to high standards. Maybe those standards aren’t necessarily fair to hold people to. Because of these high standards, I have been able to weed out the people that I don’t need in my life. I recall a convo between M and I from years ago.. He said he always thought he was a good friend, but since knowing me, he realized I was a GREAT friend to my friends and that he could be a better friend. I pride myself on that. If we have a connection and you need me, for something big or small, I am there. What ever gene that is, I’m glad I have it. I think it makes me a better person.

I love birthdays, especially mine. I love all things that go with it, celebrating, cake, friends, dressing up, etc. I originally started out with 10 people coming to celebrate my birthday  with me. Minutes before dinner, there were not 10 people. Maybe I should gift some Emily Post books for Christmas? It was actually me, Ashley and a guy she worked with that I’ve met once. Major props to him, he barely knew me. I had two more friends that joined me afterwards that couldn’t be there for dinner due to scheduling. Where the rest of my friends were, I don’t know. The people that knew it meant a lot to me showed up, and I truly appreciate that.


I just wanted to document my milestone birthday.. Here are some pictures from my bday.


My office sent me flowers on Friday. They care!


Saturday night. You can’t tell in this pic, but I figured my 30th was the perfect occasion to wear my Louboutins.


Making fun of Ashley for how she was posing in the first pic.


G and me


Me and Ash


Obligatory shot. Ugh, I’m so not a shot girl.


G, me, Ash and Laura




Blowing out my candle


I was taking a pic of Ash and my friend Nick photo bombed the pic. Hilarious.


Laughing with Laura



Happy Birthday To My Other Half

My other half as in, the woman that is always there for me, even that one time when we didn’t talk for 2 years.  Oopsies.


The woman that knows what I mean when I say “blood is not thicker than water”, because she has also been there, and doesn’t try to change my opinion.


The woman that understands and listens to me when I talk about my childhood relationship with my dad. How he beat me was never the amazing father, how I always wanted that awesome father/daughter relationship, because her childhood was similar.


The woman that understands what it feels like to walk in on your bf/fiance cheating on you, because it happened to her, a year earlier, in the same house.


The woman that drove an hour to pick me up from said house, kicked her husband out of bed, and talked with me all night long and the next day because I called her in shock immediately after it happened.


The woman that you know any man would be lucky if she picks him because she loves sex, loves football, and is a strong independent woman, just like you.


The woman that you packed an entire house for because you knew she needed to move.


The woman that you thought was intimidating when you first met her.


The woman that you share every tiny detail with.


The woman that is inspiring because she seems like she can do everything.

The woman that is inspiring because she tries to do everything.


The woman that understands precisely what I mean when I say I hate my small town I’m from.


The woman that drives you crazy because she over analyzes things just as much as you do.

The woman that is a replica of you, just 3 years older and brunette.


The woman that has completely opposite taste in men from you.


The woman that tells you “we will make a plan” when you are freaking out because you are questioning so many things in your present life.

The woman that will drive 3 hours to be with you at your dad’s visitation because she knows what it’s like to lose a parent, but can’t actually come because she caught pink eye. ha!


The woman that will spend 9 hours with you, 6 of those in a car, helping you pack up your dad’s house.

The woman that will finish your sentences or say your thoughts out loud.


The woman that you know you can say anything to and vice versa because you both have each others best interests at heart.


The woman that knows what it’s like to have a crush on a co-worker.


The woman that completely understands my relationship with M because she has been there before.


The woman that Bentley feels comfortable around. If you know what a baby my dog is, this is huge.


The woman that currently will get all of my retirement money if anything happens to me before I marry.


The woman that will have a baby for me, if I decide to, because I don’t want to jack up my body and because I’m selfish.

The woman that understands how important it is to maintain yourself because she’s thinks so too.


The woman that supports and encourages you even though she may not agree with you, because that’s just what friends do.










The woman that I am lucky enough to call my best friend, which doesn’t seem to do justice to what she really means to me.

Shameless Boob Staring



Some men are completely oblivious as to how obvious they are when they are looking at your boobs. Do men not know that generally when they are talking to a person, that person is looking them in the eyes, so they can see where their eyes are looking? Or is it one of those things that they don’t even realize they are doing it? Either way, I thought I’d share this article. I think it’s pretty funny, especially if it’s accurate.

Tell Me About Yourself

I saw this on Mackenzie’s blog and I thought I’d play along. Check out her blog, its adorbs!

Blog(s) rocking your world lately:
Food you’re known for making:
Saving up for:
Something you want to cross off today’s to do list:
The last book you read:

Copy and paste to leave your answers in the comments! Here are my answers:

Blog(s) rocking your world lately: any with fall fashion.. Pink Peonies, J’s Everyday Fashion, Outfit Posts, the (chloe) conspiracy, Barefoot Blonde, The Look 4 Less, and Pinterest Told Me To.
Food you’re known for making: reservations! I kid, I kid. Cupcakes!
Saving up for: a new car, flooring {sucks being an adult}
Something you want to cross off today’s to do list: leaving my office before 8:30 PM!
The last book you read: I Do (But I Don’t)

Hell In Heels

Before I start off with this post can I just say that I am SO glad it’s football season!??! Ahhhh football season, when you can pick a bf based on his team choice! Greatest time of the year.  

This past week has been.. interesting, to say the least…

One of my high school friends came into town so we met up.  He ended up telling me he thought we had something. Uhhhhh…no.

A shit show went down between my sister and myself on Sunday.. and one of my exes text me. Didn’t even have the number in my phone and I had to look at it a few times to figure out who’s number it was because I deleted a lot of people a few weeks ago. BTW, HI!

Oh, one of my more proud moments.. while we were at the bar Saturday night, some guy walks up near me – I think to close his tab? – and I believe I am just gawking staring at him. He smiles and I tell him that he is so hot. He came back with, “It must be the glasses.” I was all over it, “Actually, it IS! and the eyes, and the pretty teeth..” At that point he laughs, puts his hand on the back of my head and tells me I’m cute. Damnit! I start searching for a ring – no joke – and I’m like “You must be married” and when I don’t find one he tells me he is engaged. Of course you are. Story. Of. My. Life.

All the guys I don’t want, want me, and all the guys I do want, don’t want me. Sadz.

It’s been a cray week. I’m actually still at work. Ugh. Something is wrong with me.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

me and HS friend.

OH! We were telling people that it was our 21st birthday. ?!

We found these rando glasses.

La La with her drank.

Cheers to 21!



Clearly I am deep in thought.


Us. Again.

Mimosas and bloody marys! mmmmm

Just making a mimosa!