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30 Signs You’re Almost 30

Since I am 3 months away from turning 30, what better time than now to post this article? This has been in my Facebook feed for a few weeks now. In case you haven’t seen it, here are 30 signs you’re almost 30.
Some of my favorites..

You start a story with “when I was in college” and realize that was 10 years ago.

You’ve become a sunscreen nazi.

Instead of drunken party photos, your Facebook friends are all about the baby pics.…and marathon times.

You find cool celebs who are in their early thirties and think, There’s still hope.

Every night you’re like: I don’t want to do things. I want to not do things.

You’ve experienced the dreaded TWO-DAY hangover.

Weekend nights: Instead of having two drinks at four different bars, you have two drinks at one bar then go home. (or like me, I drink only on Saturday! ha!)

You have been to a party where at least two of your friends brought their babies.

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