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Changes in my life

Without naming any names, one of my close friends found out a week ago that she has breast cancer. She is in her early 30s. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. She hasn’t really told anyone only told me, so until she tells more people, I do not want to give out too many details. She’s in early stages, and she is seeing what options she has.. Keep her in your prayers!


My friend L’s mom has breast cancer. She just had a lumpectomy and is doing well so far. Also pray for her. 🙂


On Labor Day I decided that I should do my monthly breast exam, because, I never do it and mostly because of recent events. I did find out that you are supposed to check AFTER your period, on the same day each month. I was about to start mine, but thought I’d just check to check, and then I’d do it again afterwards. As the day went on, my left one was noticeably more sore. For me that rarely happens – usually its every few months. Tuesday rolled around and I decided to take some pain meds because it was that sore. Sitting at my desk (of all places, I know!) I felt around to try to figure out why it was so sore and the right one wasn’t. That’s when I felt a hard knot. Que freakout. I went to see my regular doctor, but had to see the new hot young one instead. It was his 3rd day. And he got to feel my boob. Sort of embarrassing when he was asking me a list of questions and he asked if I could be pregnant. When I laughed and said no, he looked at me and asked if it was because I wasn’t having sex. I felt my face flush with embarrassment. Awesome, hot doctor knows I’m not getting laid. Basically, he thinks that it might be hormonal, but I won’t know until after my period. If it’s still there afterwards, I’ll go back in for testing. Let’s pray it’s nothing serious!


On a more positive note, I joined a small group with my church. All of my girl friends moved away except for 3 so I decided I needed to make new ones. Last night was our first meeting. It went really well and I am so glad I overcame my fear of going to the Group Link alone. I see a lot of positive things coming from this.

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