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Cupcake ATM


You want a cupcake but the bakery is closed. You’re too tired to make cupcakes at home. Luckily for the residents near Beverly Hills, Sprinkles Cupcakes has a cupcake ATM.

The ATM works just like the machines that dispense electronics and other non-cash goods, where you can input a credit card and select your cupcake of choice. Each one comes out individually wrapped in a box, looking like it would if you had walked up to the counter. The machine is also going to dispense Sprinkles merchandise, including their cupcake mixes, and cupcake-shaped dog treats.

The ATM will restock every couple of hours and before closing with fresh cupcakes. They will start by offering eight of their most popular cupcake flavors, including red velvet. The plan is to slowly increase the options that the machine offers, and even to make the yet-to-be-launched Sprinkles Ice Cream available from the machine. If it’s a success, you can bet that the cupcake ATMs will make their way to other Sprinkles stores outside of Los Angeles, too.

Click here to see flavors. Click here to see decorations. Check out the YouTube demo here.

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