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When Ashley and I went to the medium/psychic, I knew I would want to record what she said or have Ashley write it down. I knew I’d be in the moment and by the time I left I wouldn’t remember a lot of what she said, especially if I was focusing on one particular thing.
She started off with a prayer and then went right into it… She did most of the talking and she stated facts without asking a lot of questions. If she asked a question, she would press on before I could answer, and she was always correct. Here’s how it went..
Her: Are you moving?
Me: noooo..
Her: They are showing me marriage. They don’t usually push that this early in.. You will meet someone in 4-6 months, dark hair, about 5’10”, broad hands, strong, muscular arms. Possibly a wedding next fall? I see you holding hands. He has on a plaid button down shirt.
As far as your career…you feel like you have hit a dead end, want change. You are creative with many things.. clothes, furniture, people? Mental health field possibly…a counselor?  You must follow your dreams to reach your greatness. (Then she says that Ashley, who went first, and I are both very altruistic and parallel…like sisters, we’ve shared many lifetimes and roles together.) You would be good at writing, art therapy.
Her: Do friends come to you asking for relationship advice?
Me: yes.
Her: You give good advice don’t you?
Me: yes.
Her: Good, I don’t like when people try to act like they aren’t good at something. You’re more of a people person and sterile offices are not for you. You would be good working with abused children/women.
Her: Has someone close to you been abused?
Her: Okay, my guides told me it was you, but I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. It happened in your childhood and you tend to judge yourself by this. It’s very powerful and makes you feel unworthy of being loved, you see it as your fault, but you were powerless. Your father is here. He loves you greatly and says he is sorry. This is actually a great blessing for you because it will lead you to your greatness. It will be your motivation to help others, and you will have an understanding of how they operate, see them through the therapy process. You have empathy for them.  This has set you up for your destiny.  You are sad for the child of your past, and sad for the adult you are now, but to reach your higher self work, you must forgive the perpetrator.  I want you to understand this, before we come to earth, we choose our parents… You needed someone to play the mother that looks the other way and the father that does the deed. It has caused a great disquiet.  The man that is back there, is your father.  He is pointing at himself saying he did it, he is crying and saying he is sorry. He is professional, good looking, sandy brown hair, kept himself up, nice hands, he is so sorry he couldn’t make it right with you before he died.  He feels guilty still.  He came to you recently in a dream.
Do you have a temper?  He came to you at work to keep you from losing your temper and he brought love to you at work. Your guides and angels are your team and they help you to work out your blueprint and keep you safe.  He was there in your office and he will be there for you.  You were saying “how was I able to calm down?”  It was because of him.  He brought angels with him. He was standing to your left because he wanted his hand near your heart. He had his hand on your shoulder.
The past is not an accident and because of it, you are a great listener but you shut yourself down so you don’t have to feel other’s pain.  You are an “empath” and feel like sometimes the pain that other’s feel is too hard to handle, but you need to give in to it. It is a great gift.
Your dad wants you to find peace with this.  She (the medium/psychic) can see me meditating, like with white lights, call in my team, also archangel Rapheal, candles, chakras, flower of lotus.  It is like a trap door…call him to you, tell him  you forgive him and you love him and thank him for what he has set up for you.
You will work with some horrific cases of abuse.  People benefit from forgiving others.  Your dad says you are a chip off the old block and he adores you.
I asked about the significance to number 32. I saw the number as a cloud on the way to his burial or funeral. Your dad is laughing, he said it is a puzzle.  She doesn’t get anything.  He tells her you are worried about him.  Sadness of grief, more at that time and you feel a lack of closure.  He says don’t worry we’ll both be ok and both will have peace. It is the combination of 3 and 2 into 5 or something.  Nothing stands out to her. Is it a date or and age or the 32nd something? March 2?  5 letters in word never.  5 words in phrase…you will never be alone.  Your adult life you have felt very alone.  You told him you want him to walk you down the aisle.  He will be at your wedding.  His spirit is very protective of you.  He says it (the number) is a date.

Me: Will I have kids?

Her: You are asking because you think that is what a woman “should” do.  You will be in a great relationship and it will be easy for you not to have kids if you don’t want to have them.  You will become so involved in your work and you don’t have a hard and fast contract to have kids.  You will get your fulfillment from work and won’t experience any regret about not having children, but you may wind up adopting…possibly an abused child.  Not a blood relation and you will bring them up in a right and better situation.  No strong need for you to have a child from your womb.  Don’t push yourself to have kids. Your ambivilence about children could be because you will adopt.


and that was that. everything that she said happened truly did. which blew me away. ..

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