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Today has been crazy. Not the good kind either. I’ve done nothing but sleep all day and yet thats exactly what I want to keep doing.

I miss my dad and sister. I think I miss my sister because we spent such a long time together before my dad passed. My emotions are bat shit crazy. I “broke up” with this guy I had been seeing. I have faith that I did the right thing. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. In the end it will all work out. After all, I knew deep down he could never give me what I dreamt of.

I asked my sister to come see me soon and literally cried when she said she couldn’t. Clearly I am a ball of cray cray emotions. Not okay. As I type this Bentley is laying on my chest licking the air. He knows his mama is sad. So sweet.

Ugh my head is killing me. Not sure if it’s sinus pressure or just all my emotions. I have noticed a change in the weather. I’m suuuuper excited for fall, but not excited bc that means I will get a sinus infection. I did turn off the air in my place today and I’ve been wrapped in 2 blankets, socks, long stretchy pants, tank and a hoodie. Hello, Fall!

I realize this post more than likely doesn’t make sense. Just wanted to get my thoughts out.


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