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I think that when you are younger you have this idea that everything falls into place and its super cookie cutter perfect. Maybe that just comes with watching too many Disney movies. BOO Disney and their “fairytale endings”!

The last few months I have come to the uber realization that the idea of that is completely false. At least, so it seems. I suppose it is possible for some people, but generally speaking, I think it’s rare. I know nothing is easy unless you work at it, constantly work at it, and work hard.

My best friend is currently unhappy in her marriage. She literally married the greatest guy, ever. {Yes, she knows this} I guess in talking to her about things and trying to help her figure out the next step, I’ve realized that nothing in life is guaranteed. Just because you marry someone doesn’t mean that you will stay in love with them, or vice versa.

On the other end of the spectrum, one of my good friends and I were talking about a radio show here in the A earlier this week. They were discussing the highest combined sexual age of anyone you know. Which is pretty funny in itsself. I told her that her parents would be like the couples in their late 90s still doing it. She responded by telling me that she had a conversation with her mom over Thanksgiving. Her mom {whom I wish was my mom because she is the coolest} said that she truly thought her husband was her soul mate. She said, “I know it sounds stupid, but I truly think that. Who gets married after two weeks and 41 years later is still married and more in love than ever?”

Love and life are both so confusing. I guess that’s why its so important to have faith in God and prayer in your life.

Just a little thought for the day..

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