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Single Life

Those of you that followed my older blogs know that I’ve been single for a few months. Basically I’ve just been focusing on me and having fun with my girlfriends..a lot. Witness:

Boating with La La

Me, G and La La

Meeting new people

Hanging with my bar owner friend

QT with my sis

Girl time with Sara after being gone a month

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I have been watching this season of The Bachelorette. I love Emily and wish the best for her. I was so excited to see there was a GA boy on the show. Even more excited when I learned my ex played college football with him. Since my ex and I are still good friends, I told him he had to let me meet him if it was possible.

I was getting my hair done (more on that later) when he text me saying Ryan was in town. Que squeal. Long story short, I met him! If you live under a rock have no clue who I’m talking about, see below.




Emily and Ryan

So, here is the pic that he asked my friend to take. I didn’t talk to him a whole lot bc I let the guys catch up. Side note: the floor became wet from the rain. I had been dancing my booty off for most of the night and was in good shape. I totally busted my ass, standing still. Who does that!!! ME! I bit it, hard! From what my friend tells me, Ryan came over to see if I was okay. At that point my ex said something to him about getting a picture with me. Worlds greatest ex, right there!

Me and incognito Ryan 🙂

I am currently waiting on my hip/thigh area to bruise. Right now it’s swollen and sore to lay on! Here is a pic of my elbow and knee. Geeeezzz!



One question I keep getting is, “what was he like?” He was very nice! Not cocky, arrogant or weird like some people thought. Keep in mind that the show is edited to be a show. Otherwise it would be 25 of the same boring guys.

Even Michelle Money thinks so.


My favorite comment was prob my bestie Ashley’s. “Dude how does this shit always happen to you? You’re one of the luckiest bitches I know!” LOL

4 Responses to Single Life

  1. I still can’t get over how tan he is.. it makes him look like a different race haha. He does seem like a nice guy, just tries a little too hard I think. I heard he has been tweeting some pretty crazy stuff.. have you seen them?

  2. i told you to “get on that” not “fall down in front of that”! geeeeez. ;]

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