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Have you heard of Uber? It’s an on-demand private driver. I personally am usually sketched out by the taxi drivers in Atlanta. Half of the time their credit card machine isn’t working, or either they don’t want you to use it. I’ve had this happen to me on more than one occasion.

With Uber, you can download the app and you link it to your credit card so there never has to be any cash exchanged. I believe the 20% tip is also factored in. You can select if you want a town car or a SUV to pick you up. They dispatch the driver that is the closest to you to pick you up so that the waiting period is short. When you are scheduling the driver, you can actually see how many cars or SUVs are near you. They are a 24/7 service which is great! They are also available in several cities.

A lot of times there are credits you can get if you have an offer code, so that’s like free cash! Every new rider will get you $10 in points. Enter the referral code below if you download the ap.

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