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Sometimes you need to have a good bitchfest. Here goes mine..

My morning started out with me slipping and almost falling into my tub. Thank God I caught my knee on the side of the tub. I will definitely have a bruise.

When I left my place this morning I went to the ENT for my weekly shots. For some reason they hurt more as time goes by. I guess maybe because they are injecting more allergies?

For lunch I went to my consult for tattoo removal. They couldn’t start the process because I spray tanned on Saturday. I did get some good info though. Now I’m considering Botox…

So here I am, laying on my couch trying to relax. I just scarfed down some dinner because my spine was eating itself. I am so glad today is over! Now I’m going to bed. So exhausted.

Oh! I almost failed to mention that I went to a pool party on Saturday and my shoulders, chest and neck got baked! I’m sure that made me a ray of sunshine to be around today. Not to mention I’m PMSing and all the health issues going on with my dad. I need a vacation!

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