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Cuddle Buddy

If you live in Atlanta you probably know what The Bert Show is. Actually they are syndicated now, but I digress.


I was looking for this story, since it was all over Facebook. The brother that went missing on his way to pick up his wife from work. (You should listen, I think it’s bs). I decided to go through some of the most recent on air bits because my drive to work is about 5 minutes and I don’t get to listen to them like I did a few years ago. As I was scrolling through I saw a post about cuddle buddies that caught my eye.

Listen to it out here.

You’ve heard of a booty call – this is just like that but with snuggling only. What! Um IDK if it’s me, but if I’m cuddling with someone, 9 times out of 10 that’s not going to be the only thing we’re doing. Just sayin. This whole idea is just odd to me, but the commentary TBS gives on it is pretty funny.

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