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Happy Friday!! I don’t know about you guys but the last couple of weeks here have been cray. My only down time is on the weekends, and with it now being my Birthday MONTH, my weekends are filled. I need a breather!

Last weekend I I went to the mall with L. We met a crazy dog lady. No joke.

 This is Chloe (yes she has her own blog, why wouldn’t she?!). The lady had a matching blue sweater on and basically said she color coordinated all of their outfits. She also makes Chloe’s outfits. Then she pulled out a photo album of her dog in all these elaborate outfits. Chloe even has her own room. Yes, you read that right. Chloe was SO sweet and I even got to hold her!

Now no one can EVER say that I’m obsessed with my dog. EVER.

After the mall trip we made a stop by Target. L found this funny card.

LOL have a great weekend!

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