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What Are You Looking For?


One thing I love about blogging is that I can see different types of stats on what draws people to this little old blog. There’s a program that allows you to find out: what search engine visitors are coming from, what phrase or word were typed in, their IP address, number of visitors for a particular month, what page was visited, what day, how long the visitor was on each page, what country they are from (what up people from China [it came in at #2]), operating system, where the visitor connected from, etc. Cool, right? Here are some things I found interesting..

exciting blog entry

Key phrases used on search engines:

  • oct 2013 why do men stare at your boobs
  • rules.for.being amazing
  • my ex is a prick
  • latte colored shoes shoe glitter spray
  • vimeo videos women models in garter belts and stockings
  • pics of clothing stores and heels a transgender can shop in northern ky
  • helicopter ride to sweetwater brewery
  • brush mac short shader 214
  • male yorkie shaved hair 6 months
  • sole matters life in heels blog
  • changed supernaturally and put into a dress and heels for sexual fun

How in the hell did some of the people find my blog?! ha! Crazy how those things work.

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