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Friday Funnies

1. My friend Amber and I were texting back and forth earlier this week. I had asked her what a good hot tea was from Starbucks, since I was feeling bad. She told me two teas to try so I asked which one she thought would be better. She replied with, “They are waaay different. The zen refresh would prob be the best for you being dick.” then, “hahahahahah sick!!!” oh man, auto correct, you never fail to make me laugh.

2. My friend Sara and I have the same sense of humor. I sent her this picture of ke$ha from a magazine earlier this week. I said, “thhhhhhats why she says ‘I like your beard’ at the end of that song!” I told her I thought we could be friends with ke$ha because of her carefree attitude and sweet rap style. I told her that she could be $ara. She said her name does look pretty gangsta like that, so I told her that my real name was gangasta enough. She did find a way to incorporate a symbol though. Pretty funny. (Maybe this is one of those things that you either have to be there for, or know us?)


Maybe next week will be funnier!

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