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Lately I have been experiencing extreme sadness at times. About 2 weeks ago I was at my BFFs house talking with her and I broke down in tears. For about 7 years I have been praying for my husband. Not a husband, because that would be settling, and I don’t settle. The. One. The one that was meant for me.



That’s only a portion of the sadness, really. There are so many changes that I want to happen in my life, but timing is such a bitch. In a lot of ways, there is nothing I can do. I can’t will it to me. I have to actually have patience.

Story. Of. My. Life……

A friend of mine once told me that LA was my city. He said it was me wrapped into a city. I never really understood what he meant by that.

Last night I was catching up on my DVR and I decided I should watch the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Jared Leto’s band, 30 Seconds to Mars performed “City of Angels”. It was late and I thought pausing it before his song would be a good stopping point so I could head to bed. For some reason I decided to watch it.

After watching, I understood what my friend meant.

LA does seem like my city. For some reason it makes me hopeful and a little less sad. Isn’t it crazy how music can do that?

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