Are any of you on Three of my best friends are on or have been on at some point. I think that’s fairly normal this day and age.

Earlier this week I was at my friend’s place and she was browsing her matches. She came across a guy and she said “he looks like your type!” so I looked at him and I was like, yeahhh he does! So she handed me her phone and I started reading his information. On paper, he sounds like my perfect guy. The only things I wasn’t sure about is that he has 3 kids, he’s divorced, and he’s 38. My friend said, “V, you don’t even know if you want kids anymore, so at least he has that covered for you if you truly decide you don’t, and God made the internet!” hahaha Meaning for me to suck it up and sign up. I’m still not sold on the idea. First dates are awkward enough!

So, here is what his profile said.. Two days later and I can’t stop thinking about this guy. So weird. I’m adding my thoughts in teal.

38, woman between 25-40. Divorced, 3 daughters, athletic and toned, 6’1” Christian, doesn’t smoke, social drinker

38 would technically be out of my age range, but age is just a number, so they say. I never thought I’d date a divorced man. I’d be curious to know what happened, but I’d honestly want to hear her side of the story too. 3 daughters? Dang. Athletic, toned, 6’1″, Christian, doesn’t smoke and social drinker I am down with.

Interests: book club, business networking, camping, coffee and conversation, dining out, gardening, hobbies, movies, museums, music, nightclubs, performing arts, playing cards, playing sports, politics, religion/spiritual, shopping, travel, video games, volunteering, watching sports

video games?

Sports & Exercise: cycling, dancing, golf, racquet sports, walking, weights/machines, basketball, billiards/pool, football, bowling, skiing, volleyball


Exercise habits: 3-4 times a week

about how mine are..

Political views: middle of the road

same as mine

Hair: dark brown

love dark hair

Eyes: brown

I’ve always dated guys with light eyes, except my ex. He had hazel green/brown. I prefer light, but that’s kind of picky, right?

I’ve been out of a long term relationship for a while and am ready to start dating seriously again. My sister met her husband on Match, so I’m looking forward to meeting some great people here and hopefully eventually find a person to spend the rest of my life with. I’m not in a hurry, or feeling desperate at all, but I’m feeling like its time to get a little more serious about this.

I’m not in a hurry either but at the same time, it’s nice to have someone there.

Here are a few things about me you should know:

I’m a confident person and am looking for someone with similar self-confidence. I’m also pretty independent and value that quality in my match. I love spending time together, but appreciate someone who is okay being on her own or with friends without me sometimes. I’m very intellectually curious and love to learn about: other people’s interests and tastes, new cultures, new books, intellectually stimulating movies and TV programs (although I watch very little TV), different faiths and religions, and really anything that’s new and different from what I’ve experienced before. I avoid the superficial and always try to find deeper meaning and understanding. I value intelligence and will definitely be interesting in your opinions, likes, dislikes, desires, career, relationships and everything else that comprises you as an individual.

I’m pretty confident and independent, dating my ex made me more so. I also watch very little TV and different faiths fascinate me.

I’m professional and a gentleman for sure, but am not overly concerned about social norms or being politically correct all the time. I’m an Aquarius and hence enjoy being a bit provocative and maybe even a little eccentric at times. I’m not afraid of public speaking, dancing pretty much anywhere, any form of spontaneity, must fun outdoor or athletic activities, or a little PDA sometimes. I’m a confident person and wont worry too much about what others think as long as we’re having a good time together.

Am I ever politically correct? I loathe public speaking. Most of the time the only reason I go out is to dance. He likes PDA sometimes, me too. It’s rare for me to care about what others think if I’m having a good time. I like watching sports, not necessarily playing, especially for competition.

I’m a bit of a tease and very sarcastic. I like a woman who can hold her own in conversation, and who’s not afraid to put me in my  place when I deserve it. I love dry humor and witty conversation. Its great to meet someone who sees humor and irony in everyday situations.

haha, I am very sarcastic and I am definitely not afraid to put someone in their place when they deserve it.  Not so sure about the dry sense of humor, I suppose it depends on how dry.

Friendship to me is key. I want to be my partners best friend, and want her to feel the same.


I’m also a romantic… I know how to treat a woman like a lady and consider myself a gentleman.

Awesome! I love romantic men.

I’m very energetic and outgoing and am looking for someone who likes to be active indoors and outdoors. I like to plan creative dates and activities but also love heading out and doing something spur-of-the-moment.

Does being active outdoors include walking to my car? 😉  Love a guy that’s spontaneous.

Attraction is important. Chemistry is a must, but physical attraction is only part of that. A strong emotional connection has to be there as well. I’m a very passionate person and want to feel that connection, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Completely agree.

I think one of the best things I have to offer, is that I am a considerate and kind person. I like to be supportive of my partner in any way I can, and am a good listener. In the same way, I’m looking for a strong person but one who is also kind and caring.

Listening is SO important. Not only listening, but retaining that information. Consideration is another important factor to me in a relationship.

Some things that interest me: international travel, news and politics, hiking and biking, working out, nightlife, fine dining, movies, concerts, technology.

I like international travel. I mean, I haven’t done it, but I want to! Big fan of techie stuff, music, food, and being active.

I’m not big on emailing forever before meeting. I like to text and talk on the phone a little first and then meet casually for a drink or somewhere conductive to good conversation.

Perfect meeting date.

I have three adorable daughters that stay with me every other weekend. I have a good relationship with my ex. I have plenty of time in my life for love and am open to having more children in the future. I love kids.

Not sure how I feel about this. 3 daughters is a hand full. Although, the older I get I’m not sure if I actually want kids, so this might work. ha!

For Fun:

Variety is what matters to me when it comes to entertainment, recreation and dating. I prefer a combination of outdoor recreation, sports, games, movies, dinners and drinks, dancing, fine arts, concerts and anything else spontaneous that comes along.


Favorite Hot Spots:

My favorite places to visit are the Caribbean, Hong Kong, South America, San Francisco, Paris… I haven’t visited the Mediterranean yet, but would love to go. I also of course love the rocky mountains of Wyoming where I grew up.

Wyoming? I’ve always had a thing for southern men.

Favorite Things:

I love traveling. I’m really lucky that I get to do it quite a bit in my career, but id really like to take more travel vacations. I haven’t been to the Bahamas yet and I love so close! I’m not a big TV watcher, but I love movies.

Jealous. I wish I could travel and see places for work sometimes. I am also not a big TV watcher.

Last Read:

I enjoy keeping up on current events, business and politics. I love fiction as well – it keeps me sane and entertained when I travel. If I have a choice I usually prefer reading over TV. I’m currently reading The Social Animal by David Brooks.

I like men that can throw out a random fact or two about business, current events, etc.

My Occupation:

I’m an executive with a large consulting firm.

My Ethnicity:

I’m 100% Caucasian but speak Spanish pretty well as a 2nd language.

Sweet! One other guy I dated spoke Spanish as a second language too. I am always curious what people are saying.

My Education:

Undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering


Am I the only one that was impressed by that? I was talking to my boss about it on Friday and as soon as I said he was divorced he asked if the guy had kids. When I said he had 3 daughters my boss was all “yeah, you don’t need that.” haha Isn’t it funny how you can think someone is perfect for you and then upon further inspection they aren’t really? What a cruel joke, world. Well played.

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