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Things Women Do for Their BFFs

I stumbled across this post and thought I’d share. There are some people that come in your life that you would do anything for, no questions asked. I am lucky enough to have 3 of those people in my life. The author of this blog made a list of things she’d do for her best friends.

  1. Be designated driver on a girls night out because I know you need a glass of wine (or shot of vodka) more than I do, and trust me, I need one.
  2. Say, “That skirt/dress/jumpsuit makes your butt look fat,” when that skirt/dress/jumpsuit actually makes your butt look fat.
  3. Despise someone I barely know because of something they’ve done to you, and then treat them kindly if you decide to forgive them.
  4. Call your mother/father/siblings/other friends to have an intervention if you get hooked on Meth, Crack, or One Direction.
  5. Watch your kids when you need to go to the doctor, have a night out, do errands, or simply take a long shower.
  6. Bring you tampons, diapers, or my prescription for cramps at one in the morning.
  7. Rehash the time you or I got dumped/embarassed/balled-out/hurt… because there’s a really funny private joke in there that always makes us laugh.
  8. Pluck your eyebrows, bleach your mustache, and shave your legs if you had surgery.
  9. Go with you to meet a doctor about Botox, fillers, lasers, boob lifts, tummy tucks etc… and tell you, even though you don’t need it, that I’d never judge.  (What? I’ll want you to come with me.)
  10. Say, “I love you” with the same sincerity with which I say it to my husband, maybe more.
  11. And yes, move a body for you … no questions few questions asked.

Click on the link up top to read her full list.

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