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On the way to the beach with my bestie, we listened to songs on my iPhone. Of course there were goodies from back in ’03. Wow, do I feel old typing that or what! I started noticing a theme in rap songs. Sometimes peoples names are mentioned and I have no clue who they are. This goes for songs ‘back in the day’ and songs out currently.

Here are some people that I have no idea who they are:

  • Billy Ocean
  • Bruce Bruce
  • Nia Long
  • Mike Jones
  • Lisa Ray

One of my friends brothers thought I said my dog’s name was Billy instead of Bentley about a year ago. We thought it was pretty funny so at times I will call him Billy. If he’s not listening to me, I will call his name. If he looks at me but doesn’t do what I ask, I will call him Billy and guess what! HE DOES WHAT I ASKED! It’s kinda crazy.

After our beach trip I decided to start calling him Billy Ocean. Just because, I mean, that’s funny. My bestie is getting a dog for her son and I begged her to name it Bruce Bruce or Mike Jones. She died laughing and she agreed to name him Bruce Bruce! hahaha YESSSSS!


Here are a few pics from the beach trip. The company I work for was nice enough to let us use their beach condo!





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