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Dear Future Hubby

Dear Future Hubs:

There a few things I hope that you know and can learn accept about me. I have prayed for you for an eternity a loooooooong time. (6+ years)
In no particular order…
I will secretly pray that you have dark hair and light eyes. Such a sucker.
…If I decide to have kids, I really want a daughter that looks like my mini me. Just one.
…I want you to love her so much it hurts your heart. Show her what a relationship between a husband and wife should be, so that she looks for that too.
…I hope you enjoy sleeping as much as I do. That way we can have lazy Sundays together. Saturdays too, maybe? If you aren’t naturally a sleepy person, just understand that I am, and don’t complain. :)
…Know that when we are married and have little ones, I still need and crave your attention.
….Know that sometimes I just need to be picked up and held. If I’m mad at you, this is a good way to make me less mad. Especially if you start covering me with kisses.
….Be playful with me, like I am with you. It will help keep our marriage strong.
…I treat my dog like I birthed him. You don’t have to love him on the same level, just love him and be sweet. This is essential.
….I need you to accept the fact that I don’t know a lot of older songs or movies. Same goes for car stuff and sports. Understand that I didn’t have a dad to teach me these things. If you want to teach me and help me discover some of these things, I will be happy to learn.
….I enjoy traveling. Let’s go somewhere!
….I love shoes, dresses and jewelry. When I run out of room in the closet, I still won’t have enough. I will always shop for a bargain, unless it’s a classic that I know will last for years.  If it’s a big purchase, of course I will consult with you first. Bonus points if you bring home new shoes for me.
 ….I will think of you a LOT during the day. Don’t be surprised if you see texts from me or cute pictures that make me laugh. It’s only because I think you will appreciate it too.
….While I am thinking of you, understand that if you mention you like something, chances are that I will buy it for you. Making you happy makes me happy.
…I can’t promise that anything I ever cook will be good. I can only promise that I will try. If it sucks, we can get takeout.


….I like to do fun things. Life is full of adventure if you look for it. Concerts, road trips, the fair, a walk in the park..

…I have prayed that you love God the same way that I do. That you will have a heart like mine. That you will want to give, give, give and love people. No matter what.
…Sometimes on a random day in the middle of the week, I’ll feel like having champagne. Just go with it.
 …I will love you completely, without fail, neverending, but I will sometimes be hard to live with. I will get mad at you for leaving your clothes or papers lying around, or waking me early on a weekend.

…And you will know that no matter what, even if you don’t fit anything on this list, you were the love story that God wrote for me, I will love you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. The rest of these things are just an added bonus.


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