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I stumbled across a Kelly Clarkson article I wanted to share. In honor of her birthday yesterday, and because I adore her and her music..

Kelly Clarkson’s Birthday: 10 Reasons Our Lives Would Suck Without the Singer


  • She’s obsessed with Adele, too!

    Let’s face it, we all want to be BFF’s with the “Rolling in the Deep” singer. While some celebs might play down their love of Adele, Kelly isn’t afraid to hide it. “I want to stalk Adele so she’ll sing with me,” Kelly told AOL Music. “I love her voice and I really want to sing with her. She knows that. We were on ‘Divas’ together and I cornered her in her room and said, ‘I really want to sing with you!'”

  • She makes us feel better about our questionable fashion choices

    Kelly isn’t afraid to embrace those sweatpants-only kind of days. She even performs barefoot during long performances, telling MTV, “People aren’t coming to see my footwear.”

  • She stands up for what she believes in …

    … even when it upsets her fans. Kelly recently rocked an equality sign on her wrist in support of gay rights, risking backlash from some of her conservative fans.

  • She proved that you can sing live at the Inauguration — and own it

    “Beyonce-gate” became a trending topic after evidence surfaced that the singer lip synced her performance of the National Anthem at Barack Obama’s Inauguration in January. Kelly, however, showed Beyonce how it’s done by singing “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” … without backup.

  • She’s giving back to other reality stars

    Kelly’s “American Idol” win catapulted her to fame, and the singer wants to help others reach the same success. Case in point? She served as Blake Shelton’s guest mentor on “The Voice.”

  • She showed us how to get ‘in’ with the in-laws

    Kelly’s got a great relationship with her fiance’s stepmother — and country royalty — Reba McIntire! “Thrilled to death, thrilled to death,” Reba told E! Online, “To have my buddy as my daughter-in-law, I mean, who could ask for more?”

  • She’s spreading the love

    When Kelly won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal album at the 2013 Grammys, she charmed viewers with her adorable acceptance speech, which included a shoutout to her honey. “Thank you so much [to] my fiance who is sexy tonight, y’all,” she said.

  • She one of the sweetest celebs to her fans

    Kelly keeps in touch with her fans, letting them request songs for her concerts. She even donned a gray hoodie for her cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself. (And nailed it!)

  • She knows how to share the spotlight

    We’ve all angstily sang along to Jewel’s hit “Foolish Games,” but dueting with the star? Just another collaboration for Kelly, who toned down her powerhouse vocals to suit the melancholy song.


10 Fun Facts About Kelly Clarkson

  • She Thinks Her Small Chest Size Is a Blessing in Disguise

    “I realize God didn’t give me boobs because if I had them, I’d show them off. I’d be a slut,” Kelly joked behind the scenes during the 2011 filming of her VH1 “Unplugged” set.

  • Her Favorite Party Ever Was a ‘White Trash’-Themed Bash

    “I’m totally the dress-up queen. I go crazy. I do stupid stuff. I throw fun parties,” Kelly told AOL Music. “My best party was a ‘White Trash Party’ with dead animals on the walls and everyone’s version of white trash … I’m totally that fun girl.”

  • She’s a Spanx Super Fan

    Kelly has reluctantly admitted to constricting her curves by squeezing into not one, but two pairs of Spanx at once!

  • Kelly Has 13 Tattoos to Date

    In November 2011, Kelly announced she was getting inked for the 13th time! The singer loves her body art. “I’m completely addicted, I know,” she confessed via Twitter.

  • She’s Greek … And Drinks Olive Oil

    Kelly’s mother Jeanne Rose is Greek, making Kelly half. The chanteuse even drank the country’s culinary claim to fame, olive oil, before hitting the “American Idol” stage to soothe her strained vocal cords.

  • She’s an Odd Jobs Extraordinaire

    Clarkson worked as a cocktail waitress, a telemarketer, at a movie theater, a zoo, and in a drugstore before trying her luck on the “American Idol” stage.

  • Her Very First “American Idol” Audition Song Was …

    During the inaugural season of “American Idol,” Kelly wowed at her very first audition with a cover of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

  • The First CDs She Ever Bought Were …

    … Reba McEntire, Boyz II Men and Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction. Girl’s got eclectic tastes!

  • Annie Lennox Is Her Not-So-American Idol

    “When I first saw her in London, she was so captivating,” Kelly told AOL Music of the Scottish singer-songwriter. “She had a mike stand and a screen with water drops going behind her. How in the world did she completely kill that performance with just that? That was just so amazing to me. I just thought, how awesome that would be, just to one day completely captivate an audience like that? Instead of going to your audience, you’re bringing them into your performance. It sounds cheesy and artsy but it’s a goal of mine. I haven’t yet, but hopefully, one day I will.” via


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